Armpit hair: gross or sexy?

  1. Ok, I always thought arm pit hair, especially on girls is ueber-gross and it's a total crime even to have a little fizzle. But during past week, for some obscure coincidance I saw couple of gorgeous, fashionable women in tanktops who had unshaven armpit hair! Not like a whole bush, but still grown and visible. And I caught myself thinking, it actually looks alright... Am I crazy? Or I we just brainwashed to think body hair is disgusting?
  2. I say "ew"...but that's just my opinion...
  3. I can understand a little growth or stubble, but a full-out bush makes me think, UGH.
  4. Personally, I feel more hygenic when I don't have the stuff, but I wouldn't automatically think a lady's gross because she's got pit hair.
  5. Yuck. I think women with noticeably visible armpit hair is just nasty. If this ever becomes a new "fashion trend" then I think I'm going to cry.
  6. My opinion- armpit hair is :sick:
    It takes all of 15 seconds to shave a pit... If you have a little stubble, just don't wear a sleeveless shirt and nobody will know, which is also fine. It is pretty crazy to not shave and then wear revealing clothes.
  7. i cant stand it at all, even on men. I hate it when men raise their arm and EW and on women just so much worse..
  8. Erm, I can't imagine it being sexy...
  9. Interesting thread...I wouldn't think someone was unhygenic for having a little stubble and some hollywood-types have been known to hit the red carpet with armpit hair, but I wouldn't say it's sexy. So my answer is not sexy, but not gross (how's that for a neutral stance :graucho:)
  10. i haven't shaved under my arms since i was in jr. high. i do trim it up a little, plus my hair is pretty fine.

    although i do shave my legs, i feel like women have so many points of attention on their body (watch for cracked heels! manicure nails! pluck eyebrows! wax pubes!) that one moment of resistance is a relief, almost essential
  11. It's not a pretty sight IMO.
  12. Depending on what part of the world you're, it's just nasty - saved for people living in Topanga Canyon eating nuts and berries...
  13. Gross!
  14. I gotta go with gross on this one.
  15. i think it's disturbing.. especially when some women match it with long leg hairs.