1. Have anyone seen or ever used this one? I'm going to order it, but i've got some doubts on how usefull and convenient this piece of laggage "furniture"? :yes:
  2. can you post a pic?
  3. That's exactly the problem:hrmm: I've seen it only in the catalogue, as as a sketch, not a real thing or a photo...
  4. Armoire-trunk.JPG

    If this one will help... I've just taken it from the catalogue
  5. Oh yea, that one is GORGEOUS!!!!
  6. WOW!!! If you get that I want to see! And all your shoes in it too! =)
  7. did they quote you how much it will set you back?!?
  8. Yeah, I want to see it too, but BEFORE i order it from LV.
    For all my shoes I need at least 3 of those ;)
  9. Actually I haven't asked them yet, the idea just came up to my mind, when I opened the catalogue :biggrin:
  10. oooooh!!! that's to die for! it would be awesome to have that in a gal's bedroom !!! ahh...the pure thought of that makes my lil heart quiver with delight!! heehee *won't be able to sleep tonight* lol
  11. Got back from LV's, the qoutation is bit higher than i expected - $35k, but the waiting period is even more frustrating - 6-8 months:huh:
  12. That is gorgeous. I don't think that they just produce pieces like that, I think they wait until someone orders one to make it, which could be why it's so expensive.
  13. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    35K isn't terribly bad for something that will last a lifetime. A few lifetimes :yes: Customs pieces are pricey but the LV custom trunks are just so gorgeous!

    The one on Ebay looks to be in pretty good condition considering its age. AND it would be a bargin compared to a new one. I love the fact that its vintage!!!!
  14. ^yes it's in great shape and a great price to boot!