Armband purse

  1. Hello Everyone!! Could you please, please help me? I have been trying to find these armband purses. Let me explain...I saw these purses when I was in DC. Basically they look like wallets with elastic, and go on your upper arm. Most women use them when they go out and dance. The ones I have seen have these beautiful Asian themed designs. They are just big enough to put your money, credit card, id and a key in it. Does anyone know what I am am talking about? If so, could you please tell me where I can get one?
  2. No, that's not it. This actually goes on the upper arm. Like those ipod band ssomeone would use if they are jogging. This is a similar concept, except, it's fashionable and made out of an Asian print fabric. Thanks for your response.
  3. I have not seen those but I saw something called a Moe bag that fits on your wrist and stays put