Armatura & Rame - leather or grosgrain??

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  1. Like a few other tPFers who purchased an armatura or copper/rame piece, I was amazed how much it felt like fabric or silk. I even asked the SA if it was leather and I kind of got an unconvincing answer, especially why if it's a fancy leather treatment it was actually priced less than the same style in nappa.... ?? (at least the armatura piece I got at a boutique was - but online prices look the same) :confused1:

    Now I see S/S09 wallet/veneta rame pieces just posted on are described as "intreciatto grosgrain" but more expensive pieces are called "nappa rame" .... so are the wallets and venetas actual grosgrain, or leather with grosgrain-"effect"? Anyone know for certain? :shrugs:

    The pieces are still pretty but I'm not thrilled at the idea of having purchased a $600 "silk" wallet!!

  2. Hi, blugenie, great to see you!

    Sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for the update info!
    I'm in heaven...[​IMG]
  3. Hi Mid-! :tender: Glad to see you too! I've been laying low trying not to get lured into buying... :graucho:

    I figured it would be a few days before I got any answer since everyone has to do some serious Spring/Summer investigating plotting planning and mop themselves off the floor first! :lol:
  4. I don't have an answer to your question, but another question. I looked at the S/S09 catalog on the BV website. On page 60/61 is a bag to the right of the Copper Veneta I believe you are speaking of. That bag looks like it is textured more like Ottone ( at least the way Ottone looks in person). It does make me nervous to purchase the Copper Veneta if it looks and feels like fabric. I want it to look and feel like leather.
    I am dying to hear what people think the bag is that I mentioned... It looks just :drool:!!!!!
  5. PP - that very lovely bag on the right is textured looking because it is (drumroll) OSTRICH! Oh how I love ostrich, love, love, love the birdy.
  6. Thanks jburgh! I just saw that blugenie posted that in the S/S 09 thread. Unfortunately it is over 7,000. I have great taste huh?! I can only dream. It sure is beautiful!!!!! I adore the texture (sigh)
  7. So many dreamy bags on that website. :cloud9:
  8. I was looking at pix of this in the catalogue of items my store ordered. Does anyone now know if the rame pieces are leather or not?....Fingers crossed for leather!
  9. I know we just talked, but I wanted to post the answer. I asked specifically about your question when I was at the Chicago BV. Good news...they are leather.
  10. I have a large copper rame veneta. It is most certainly leather, the copper is lasered onto the leather which gives it that really unique look/feel. It is gorgeous, I'm getting a wallet too, BV metallics are amazing!
  11. The other day I saw the copper rame veneta in the BV boutique and I had the same question as you. I touched it but still couldn't say for sure whether it was leather or not. So I asked the SA, he wasn't certain too and therefore he checked the tag. He said that according to the tag it is 100% leather!
  12. Thanks! I can't wait to see it. No ottone for me and I am hoping this isn't too blingy. Which is funny coming from me... but I like my bling in my jewelry and not so much on my bags!
  13. I have the new copper armatura (make-up case). It doesn't look like regular nappa to me at all. It does have the silk look to it. You can't move it with your fingers though. So, I'm not sure what it is. Maybe, Bryan can let us know. I bought my from the Hawaii Boutique.

  14. Well, I think it is quite blingy, at least for my taste. But who knows, maybe it will be perfect for you!:yes:
  15. Thanks for all the input! I wrote the BV personal shopper who confirmed it's a leather with a grosgrain effect on it - sorry to worry anyone with my question! I wish my SA had been more certain, since when I asked and even looked at the tags for verification she didn't say anything yes or no, just smiled like "it's whatever you want it to be!" LOL