Armani Python Handbag question

  1. I originally post under the Woodbury thread but now have a pic of my new bag (excuse the background, I asked my daughter to take a pic & this is what I got).

    I still can't decide if I love it- I got wrapped up in getting a good deal on an exotic bag at Woodbury on Sunday. It was originally $2500- got it for $798- what do you think? What kind of reputation does Armani have for his handbags, in particular exotic skins?
  2. I think it looks nice.

    But... if YOU'RE not in love with it I would pass. I personally try to only buy items I love; not because it's a good deal.
  3. Oooooo, if you don't want it, GIMME GIMME!!! :drool:

    Wow! I love that!! :tender:

    PS-Given Armani's reputation I don't think you have anything to worry about, quality wise.
  4. Thanks for your opinions!

    I think I was just looking for validation on my purchase.

    I already own 3 alligator bags and a ring toe lizard so *in the moment I was thinking hey now I can add Python to my list*:yahoo:-

    I am familiar with most of the better exotic skin designers, I just personally wouldn't have thought 'hey I want a Python bag let me go to Giorgio Amani'. When I walked out I was feeling like it was too impulsive BUT I'm changing my tune-I think it was a great deal and a unique color that will work year round!

    I've become such a bag snob- even I just laughed at myself asking about Armani quality- GEEZ- every bag can't be Darby Scott or Hermes

    I think I need to ban myself from any more purchases, I've been out of control..LOL

    Thanks Guys!