Armani Phone - does anybody else have one?

  1. Hi,

    I just bought the new Armani phone (apparently it was the first one that store had sold!) and I just wondered if anybody else had one or do you all have iphones now?

    The Armani is cute. Its a little wider than the Prada one but shorter. It comes with 3 different cases too.

    Its hard to take a photo of so this is a link to a demo on youtube:
  2. ooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. do you mind me asking how much it was.... I'm looking into getting a new phone and I love samsung... so this could be an option....
    it's very very cute! you like using it so far?
  4. I do like it yes. I used to have a V3. The hardest thing for me to get used to is the screen - I'm having to text using 1 finger at the moment but I'm sure it will get easier.

    Its a lovely sized phone and the camera is fantastic.

    I got it free on contract, I don't think anybody is doing it Pay as you go yet.

    I wanted to get the Prada one but as LG have now bought out the Viewty nobody is selling the Prada one on PAYG anymore so I decided to get this new one instead.

    Ted Baker has bought out some phones too which are Samsung. My hubby has the Ted Baker Slide which is a bit like the LG Chocolate I suppose but Ted Baker also does the Ted Baker Touch.