Armani Makeup

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  1. Does anyone use Giorgio Armani makeup? I havent bought anything yet and wanted to get some feedback first from anyone who uses the line. I currently use nars bronzer which I love and I am searching for a powder for my face when im not in the mood to look bronzed but just want a nice evened out complexion.
  2. I love armani foundation, powder, and bronzer!! I use their Lasting silk foundation which I adore and then I brush on their Luminous silk powder and then a light dusting of their sheer bronzer in #1 (their bronzer is very nice because there is NO red or orange in it, its actually brown and gives a tan glow.. I have a hard time with bronzers making me look red and unnatural, the armani bronzer doesnt do that at all.. Hope this helps some
  3. i use the foundation.

    Its called face fabric foundation with SPF 12. Its amazing. You can't even tell I have makeup on
  4. I have one of their foundations. The long lasting silk with spf. And i think is really nice. The coverage is light to medium. But it is really nice to blend etc. However, i do not think is my HG foundation. I also own one of their brushes and i think is amazing. It was expensive, but it is really nice.
  5. I love thier lipsticks & blushes. Also, tle "Lipwax" is a staple of mine in the red colour. I used to use thier foundation, but they discontinued the one I like and the new one breaks me out :sad: They also seem to make the only bronzer that looks good on pale cool tones. (#1)
  6. they have amazing foundations!!! I don't use them as i don't need them fortunatelly. But bought one when Armani cometics where launched in germany and really loved it, though i gave it to my mom because it was too expensive for beeing used only every 4-6weeks;)

    I was once model on a shoot for glamour magazine and the mu-artist doing my make-up told me that everytime she "does" someone with really bad skin (acne, acne scars, old skin,...) she reaches for armani foundations insted of mac.
  7. haved used armani foundation in the past..
  8. Actually im medium skin toned and even though the bronzer isnt super super bronze on me, its a very nice natural pop of color.. I really like it..
  9. I totally agree! I love this foundation so much! Makes my skin look perfect!
  10. I also use the Face Fabric foundation - it's wonderful - feels like a primer and foundation in one!

    The lipsticks are also wonderful!
  11. The blush is some of the best blush ever made!! If you like silicones in your foundation , you will love Armani. The mascara is the best . Eyes to kill. Rouge D Armani lipsticks are really nice too.
  12. ohh i have a foundation obsession i just brought chanel and dior ones now i must try armani =D and the mascara looks good too def goin to try it soon from the good reviews
  13. Their lipsticks are simply fantastic. Don't know what else to say.
  14. I've heard that Armani foundation is the best... Will definitely try it once I'm done with the one I'm currently using.
  15. Im gunna def go pick this up now that it has all these positive reveiws