armani makeup? foundation

  1. for those who use and/or have used armani foundation which did you use? how did you like it? Im thinking about trying the line but none of my local department stores carry it so i will have to order it. Any opinion on where to order from?

    I am 25 with combination skin. I get a break out every now and then but thats it.

    I have tried Chanel tient innocense and I didnt care for it

    BE made my face itch

    LM MMU has recently been wearing off within a few hours

    I need foundation HELP!!! lol
  2. I'm surprised you didn't like the Chanel..everyone I know who has used it loves it. Well, sorry it didn't work for you. I love Armani micro-fil powder. It feels so great on your skin :amuse: I haven't tried the Armani, as I heard it clogs pores easily.
  3. I use armani - two formulas - I love it. I have sensitive and fairly dry skin - has been great for me. Maybe you should ask for a sample as it is not inexpensive.
  4. after reading this maybe I should give the Chanel one more try, I still have almost a full bottle of it :rolleyes: I know it sounds odd but i guess i didnt feel like I was wearing "enough" makeup with it. Almost like it was to natural, if that makes sense.
  5. I've only heard great things about Armani foundations. there's a tPFer who posted a photo of her face once (showing off her new glasses) but she got the best comments about her luminous skin! She said she used armani foundation - i can't remember who it was but will post as soon as i do so you can check out the photo!
  6. Heard Greeeat things about Armani foundation. You can read more reviews on

    Saks carries it... but I'm not sure if they do online. You can just call up a nearby store and have them ship it to you. Probably also tax-free if an out-of-state store...
  7. I use Armani concealer, blushes and powders. I don't use liquid foundation and have found that their powders are awesome. A little goes a long way. I have combination skin and find that it is great for it. I use their Silk Foundation Powders #6 and #7. I am also Mac NC 35 if that gives you an idea about colors.
  8. I :heart: Armani luminous silk foundation! I have combination and sensitive skin, and this foundation stays put even after blotting. :yahoo: So, after trying out Chanel, Laura Mercier, Stila, Dior Airflash, and a ton of others, I'm staying put with Armani. I have the liquid foundation and the concealer. And like what hubbawubba said, you do not need much for cover ups at all. I would say the higher price is worth it for the quality of the product.

    You can go to Saks to try it out. They should offer you 7-day samples.

  9. well i guess ill go to Saks today (its about an hour away) but im pretty sure it will be worth the trip.

    Is there Armani luminous silk foundation their best foundation?

    Does armani have MU primer also? had anyone tried it? how is it? lol

    how about armani concealer? what powder do you use with the Armani luminous silk foundation?

    I just have so many questions and would rather ask you guys then the SA hoping to sell me on it all =) hehe
  10. Sounds like I have similar skin as you and I love Armani LSF. It looks like I"m not wearing any foundation makes my skin look flawless.

    I tried their powder and don't care much for it...right now, I'm using Dior's diorskin powder. Since my skin isn't oily, I don't really need to reapply powder during the day with that.
  11. Armani does make a primer, and it's pretty good. I use Laura Mercier primer with my Armani foundation though because I didn't see a difference between the two. You can ask for a sample of the primer (also a 7-day supply) when you stop by Saks. They should be good about sampling, at least at the SF one. :p

    I believe Armani makes a few types of foundation (powder and liquid). I use the Luminous Silk, but they also have another liquid foundation with SPF (dunno the name). The concealer is in a pot compact, and you can apply it with any concealer brush. And last, I use a loose powder from Laura Mercier to set the final look. It's cheaper than the setting powder from the Armani line and works just as well.
  12. I've heard so many good things about the Armani Luminous Silk foundation too, and I really want to try it, but it's not available here and I can't find a place that'll ship it to Europe. I've even tried looking at eBay but I can never find my shade (or what I believe to be my shade, anyway)
  13. well im off to saks now... I will report what I get this evening when I get home... Wish me luck ladies :tup: