Armani Maestro makeup/primer

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  1. Armani has just introduced this new makeup call Maestro..

    It is light, sheer coverage but does make your skin glow..

    It can be applied with their foundation brush or your fingertips..

    And a beautiful finish on the skin.. can be used as a primer or under

    the silk foundation...:smile:
  2. I am using a sample... Not sold on this one yet.
  3. I'll throw my .02 in over here, too. I really like this. Please keep in mind that the closest thing I have worn to foundation in years, has been tinted moisturizers and MAC Face & Body. I prefer light to medium coverage. There is nothing worse (in my book) than looking at someone and all you focus on is their foundation.

    This is my skin but better. The color really adapts to your own coloring. It is incredibly lightweight. It doesn't transfer onto my phone or clothing. Amazingly, it can appear matte and glowy at the same time. I've been using this since the end of August and I am very pleased. I hope to pick up the Maestro concealer, as well.
  4. Love this - it feels great and gives a really lovely, natural looking finish.
  5. i've been looking forward to the release of this since i read in on the magazine!!!
    hope it'll arrive in the australian stores soon
  6. It makes your skin luminous... and the color just works so well on my skin
    anyway ... am using #3.. put it on with their foundation brush & my skin
    look healthy.. doesn't settle into lines or pores and it feels great on...