Armani luminous silk users: How do you clean your foundation brush?

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  1. Ever since I made the switch to Armani luminous silk foundation (:heart: it!), I've noticed that my usual brush cleaning routine doesn't work as well as before. I've gone through 2 brushes already (Chanel foundation brush - synthetic, and Armani blender brush - natural hair) and need recommendations on how to clean them.

    Normally I would use Kiehl's tea tree oil shampoo or J&J baby shampoo to wash the brushes in lukewarm water. It works on all my other brushes (blush, concealer, etc.), but cannot get rid of the remnants of the Armani foundation for some reason. The "clean" brush still contains some foundation inside even after numerous rinsing. This have not happened before when I was using Chanel, NARS, and Stila foundations. :confused1:

    Can anyone recommend a better brush cleaner or cleaning method? TIA!!
  2. oh my thanks for posting this up! I hope someone can help on this too! I used luminous months ago and stopped bc it got too pricey for my pockets. the brush however is awesome, but I too had the same problem. its sticky even after using brush cleaner,eye makeup cleaner, & soap w. water. it looks like as if the glue is coming off & there's balls of glue on the hairs. its not being used & don't plan to touch it again unless I can clean it! :smile:
  3. I've never tried that foundation, but I thought maybe rubbing alcohol would dissolve the makeup. I don't know if it would harm your brush, though. :confused1:
  4. i've always found it a little tough to remove every bit of foundation from my skunk brushes and foundation brushes using just the J&J baby shampoo, so i usually spray the mac brush cleansing solution all over the brush which causes most of the foundation to run off, rinse, then wash with the baby shampoo. sometimes it takes a round or two with the spray to get off all the foundation gunk, but i find it to be pretty effective. :flowers:
  5. I usually wash two or three times with antibacterial hand soap to get rid of the foundation. I don't use Armani's but I do use long wearing foundations and this always gets them clean.
  6. I will give the MAC brush cleaner a try. I was afraid the alcohol content will strip away the shine of the brush hairs.
  7. i'm using mac cleanser is well...(it's just not clean your brushes but condition your brush)
    i just spray a litlle bit on my brushes,let that set(and let them lat because brush cleaner can soak in to the handle..
    and that's where all the glue is u can damage your brushes) and just take a old towell and wipe back and forward on the towell.
    and then shape them back..let them dry flat completlly..
    or if u don't want to use spray on your brushes u can use a litlle cap is well..
    put a litlle bit of cleanser into litlle cap an dip your brush in ..
    let them soak for few seconds and them wipe back and forward on old towell.
    .then u reshape them.after u clean them let them dry flat..until they are completly dry..
  8. Alcohol is will not harm the synthetic bristles on your foundation brush, but it will destroy your natural hair brushes!

    I use a baby wipe after every use, and I will wash my brushes once a week with baby shampoo.
  9. I use Luminous Silk too. Honestly, I use the Trader Joes hand soap (it has lavender, tea tree oil and other essential oils in it). It seems to clean my foundation brush really well.