Armani Luminous Foundation

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  1. After a long evaluation of many different foundations, I have settled on the best one - Armani Luminous Foundation. I literally got samples of tons of others Lancome, MUFE, Nars Sheer Glow, T. LeClerc, etc.

    What Armani does that seems above and beyond is that it gives the look of poreless skin. And while the others may be great foundations as well - this really gave me the flawless look I was after. I tried many side by side and Armani is the winner! ;) At least now I can stop obsessing on finding the perfect foundation!
  2. I also use the Armani Luminous Silk and I can only say wonderful things about it. This foundation is so light and liquid that you don't really feel it. I love love love it!
  3. I loved the way it looked but even with primer it didn't last :sad:
  4. i love how this foundation made my face look initially!!i just wished it lasted a littler longer :sad:
  5. I found that this foundation looked great upon application, but hours later it looked dry and not fresh.. The luminosity was gone.. I will not repurchase it.
  6. Armani foundation is delicious. If you find it does start to cake, Wearing the smalllllllest touch of face oil (like Clarins) underneath before application will keep it looking dewy....
  7. my friend "swears" by this foundation