Armani lovers? tell me more about their products...

  1. She's wearing the new pink #518 in the spring ads. I love it!

  2. Don't you just love these? I am so happy with my purchase! I even decided to get the black eyeliner from the collection. As others have said, it is "very black", but also the creamiest pencil I have ever used.
  3. I don't know how to keep the tip pointy, but when I apply my line too thick I take a cotton swab with a little bit of eyemakeup remover on it and am able to remove enough to make the line thinner.
  4. ITA! I bought 2 of them in the dark taupe/brown color. I've been taking a 208 brush to it instead of applying it directly (because I didn't want to sharpen it yet :p). It's so creamy that it works just like a gel liner.
  5. i wish i had an armani counter around too i take the gamble and read, buy, and try
  6. OMG I love these creamy liners. I bought the green one and it`s divine! I don`t have to worry about it coming off at ALL once it`s dried down!
  7. They're super creamy and very pigmented - you should check em out!

    I've done this before with liquid liner - it's a good idea.

    Never thought of this! I'll try it tomorrow morning :biggrin:
  8. yuppp! pretty much! need to control myself :p
  9. I got stuck in the rain on my way home from work today and guess what? My eyeliner looked perfect when I got home - no smudges or runs or anything! Definitely lived up to its waterproof claim and survived the rain... unlike my foundation, which became streaky and gross.

    Love this eyeliner! Might have to buy a backup or two online!
  10. I wore the black eyeliner for the first time this week also and it IS amazing! It is very black and since I normally apply a thicker line, I had to be careful not to overdo it! It lasted all day and it came off nicely with my Lancome Bi-Facil double action eye make up remover!
  11. have tried their primer & luminous foundation.. its nice.. and like the lipstick/gloss

    as well

  12. If you contact the Armani boutique in NYC.. on Fifth Ave... ask for Maureen

    she can make you swatches on paperof the colors you are interested

    in.. that might help you...
  13. The Armani line is truly amazing and actually live up to its price tag.
    Here are a few items that's my HG (and I tried almost all high-end brands out there that's available in Canada and Taiwan):

    Lasting Silk Foundation - very longlasting and not heavy/caky at all
    Compact Powder Foundation...can't remember the name its called
    Lipstick - amazing formulas not drying at all
    Foundation brush #15
    Sheer Blush in #2 & #10

    Their eyeshadows are not that good though, just average quality, same with their loose powder.
  14. i will do that when i have some downtime thank you for the advice

    right now my favorite armani cosmetic is their eyeliner it's my hg liner, no smears smudges nothing
  15. I can't say enough about the sheer powder blushes. I have #2 (peachy) and the pink from Spring 2011. These seem to be the only blushes I reach for anymore!