armani foundation

  1. i'm forever in pursuit of the perfect foundation for my wacky, oddly-colored, combination skin, and i've tried mac and lancome recently, and i thought i had found the perfect stuff with lancome. i forgot it last time i visited my parents' house, though, so my mom gave me a sample she had gotten of Armani's moisturizing foundation (it's called hydraglow or something) that was a tad too dark for her. i've used it a few days, and i'm floored. it's amazing. i've never seen something with such a smooth, even finish that's SO easy to put on evenly.

    i don't even need moisturizer anymore! and even though it's super moisturizing, it doesn't make me feel oily at all, not even after several hours.

    has anyone else used this foundation? have you found it to be just as good after a couple of weeks' use? should i try one of the other armani formulas since i have combo skin?
  2. Congrats on finding something you love. Foundation is the toughest beauty product, IMHO. I have yet to try Armani foundation but it's on my list of things to get this weekend. Everybody I know who has tried it just raves!

    Is it oil-free?
  3. i love armani too. i use hydra glow in the winter when my skin's really dry (over moisturiser) and luminous silk foundation in the summer... i've been using them for ages now, don't think i'll be switching!
  4. I have used Armani foundation as well, but I don't think it was the type you are using, sounds like I need to check it out..
  5. I have combanation skin and i like moderate to full coverage. Could anyone reccomend and Armani foundation to me?
  6. You might try it out. When I first wanted to try it, I asked that they give a sample in the type and shade best for me, they were happy to do so. This allows you to wear in IRL and see how it wears over the day and if it changes on your skin. :yes:
  7. i also love versace foundation! this is very good
  8. i will say that they give great samples - prepackaged in a squeeze bottle in its own little box. Saks had an entire drawer of them and they were quite happy to help me out (i was the one that originally picked up the sample for my mom).
  9. I have skin similar to yours(except mine is more on the oily side) and I have tried the Luminous Silk and the Matte Silk(supposed to be for oily skin). I actually love the Luminous. My skin looks gorgeous with it on and it doesn't break me out at all.
  10. I LOVE Armani cosmetics. I have Luminous silk for the summer, Hydroglow for the winter, base, pearl veil, Fluid sheer and various other stuffs. They have suggested me to use Matt on my t-zone and luminous silk on the rest now, so I might get matt as well after trying the sample. Do they have beautiful packaging? I love the foundations because I can find a good match for my skin tone, it's easy to apply (either with fingers or their blending brush), good coverage without having to apply a thick layer. It's the most natural looking foundation I've used. At the moment, my favorite is Fluid sheer, it's a light liquid that gives a subtle glow, use it alone to give you a healthy glow especially after being in the sun. Go to the counter and ask for a couple of samples in different shades. I've been using Armani since they launched their cosmetic line, love it ever since. I have converted my mum to it too from shiseido.

    LondonBrat, their Matt foundation is supposed to give a better coverage, go to the counter and ask them to try different ones on you and get a sample before buying it.
  11. i bought like a fortune of armani makeup today. i got the luminous silk foundation, fluid sheer, concealer, and bronzer. it looks SO great on, definately the best makeup i've ever had the pleasure of wearing!
  12. :yahoo: So happy to hear that you love Armani like I do. Don't you love the concealer, it's so light but good coverage. As I said the fluid sheer is my favorite now, which one did you get? The bronzer is nice too, you can use it just on your cheeks as a blush. The only thing I bought and didn't use from Armani is the compact powder, just don't know how to use it. The liquid foundation is so easy to use with or without their blending brush (with the brush, you can apply a very thin natural layer on, therefore, the bottle lasts longer. Also your fingers can be too warm and make the foundation looks a little thick and apply too much) Did you try their lip gloss, I love it too because it's not thick and fragrance like the other brands and the colour is there yet not too intense.

    Mr. Armani didn't wait for so long to launch his cosmetic line for no reason!
  13. I've been a Armani fan since they first came out with the stuff. Who would have thought their cosmetics line would be sooo good???

    Their foundation brush is the best I've used.. better than bobby brown, IMO

    Here's what I learned from one of the Armani makeup at a special event in Korea a while back, she didn't do a professional makeup application but taught me what I can do at home when I'm in a hurry to go out for lunch..etc. and everytime I get compliments and ppl ask me what makeup I use.
    I just wanted to share with you all who just got your stuff and are ready to play around

    (1) Using the foundation brush, applythe luminous silk foundation all over, (#5)
    (2) Then using the SAME brush, I swirl a bit of fluid sheer (#2) on the back of my hands then stroke the brush right below my eyes/outer rim/upper cheek.
    (3) Then using the SAME brush I swoop the creme blush on my cheek bone... slightly going up as I go outwards...
    (4) Didn't put anything on my eyes, slightly stroke my eye brows with eyebrow pencil,
    (5) With a powder brush stroke on some lose powder for finish. Their powder is very fine and sheer.. sometimes I skip the powder. Everything kinds of blend in and the key is to glow like you are naturally without all the sparkly glitter..

    Second technique is good for going clubbing in the summer months because it gives you a warm tanned look with a natural glow.

    (1) Use the Fluid sheer (lighter) as a makeup base, all over.
    (2) Then dab on some of your favorite foundation where you need it, oily spots, etc,,
    (3) Swirl the Fluid sheer (darker copper color) on the back of your hands and lightly swipe your t-zones, inner cheeks, chin, blend..
    (4) Put on some intense color creme blush, blend
    (5) Set with the sheer luminous powder.

    This also adds so much sheer glow to your face w/o making your face look like you got sparkles on but it looks like you got a nice tan at the beach that day...

    Now they have the bronzer, which helps you give the look it's wonderful

    I really like how you can achieve so much with one brush and blend everything in to make your makeup look so natural!!
  14. i'm starting to think that i need the luminous powder...but i already spent so much! lol
  15. what a coincidence! i just bought my first bottle of armani foundation- the luminous one today. i was impressed with the makeup demo he did on me! so far, im in love, and i even got the foundation brush. no more mac studio tech! that stuff is too expensive and it only lasts for a month....this bottle is said to last for 3 months. 1 pump covers whole face!