Armani Exchange Spring 2006 Escape Collection

  1. Armani Exchange Spring 2006 Escape Collection Video

    With the approach of spring comes new lines by all of our favorite designers. The Armani Exchange Spring 2006 Escape Collection manifests itself in edgy beauty and sleek designs. Wiredset, a digital marketing agency, is working together with Armani Exchange to create a promo video for Escape. We are all very lucky to be some of the first to watch this video on one of my favorite designers. So sit back, relax, and indulge in this up-beat video. Don't be afraid to get into it a bit, the tune is catchy (I found myself dancing just a little). Let us know what you think and enjoy :biggrin:
  2. It's quite arty. The tune was catchy enough for a sunny day like today :biggrin:

    Nice find!
  3. cool
  4. oooh they have tthis really cute top that i am definitely going to get, thanks!
  5. Catchy music, but the ad was too low key to match the music, I couldn't get myself to watch all of it.
  6. Cool Megs. LOVE the music! For some reason it makes me miss my BF :/ And it makes me want to go dancing really bad.
  7. i agree with supersaucy, the ad was too low-key to match the music. the music has good potential but all that blue digital art just left me feeling really blah about the whole thing. if its for an AX collection they should be showing more clothes. there's nothing in all that blue that caught my eye. plus the whole "blinds" effect when showing in the clothes didn't help. it was hard to see the clothes properly when you have blue lines running across. all in all i really didn't like it and i don't think too many people will sit through a whole digital music video like that. what's the point of seeing a million silhouettes of girls dancing when you're just waiting for the clothes!?
  8. bump for more opinions!