Armani Exchange sizing

  1. How is their sizing? I see they carry XL and up to a 14 in some items but are they sized small. Like an XL is more like a normal medium and a 14 is tiny? I have never shopped there before but recently I have lost enough weight that I should be able to if the sizing is true. I just hate going in and trying stuff on and nearly ripping all of it.:crybaby:
  2. I found them to be true to sizing.Maybe you're thinking about D&G, because their jeans definitely run smaller.I'm a French size 40-42 ( more often 42 lol )if that helps.I don't know how does that translate to US sizing though.

    So definitely go and try them on!
  3. thanks, thats good to hear!
  4. I can only comment on their jeans but I think their sizing is pretty true. I am typically the same size there as I am at Banana Republic, Gap, Ann Taylor, etc.

    I have noticed that some jeans are cut a half size smaller than others. For example I have two pairs that are the same size and style and one fits right now and the other is too tight. If you are between sizes I would advise going up.