Arm Candy... Instant Reveal

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  1. I've Been So Busy Growing My Businesses and Traveling That I Haven't Shared My Latest H Goodies, So Here Goes...

    In Costa Rica Beachin' It Up at DH's Best Friend's Wedding a Few Weeks Ago...




    My New "Kid" Bracelet in "Music Connection"


    Just Ordered These Beauties This Morning... So Looking Forward to Friday!!!


    Thanks For Letting Me Share!

  2. Love arm candy! Good for you:smile:
    Nice blue on the double wrap (forgot the name..of the bracelet and the blue,.duh). Is that braided silk with the Hermes circle sellier a new release?

    P.s you should also post on the "stacking bracelets" thread!
  3. @essiedub.... The Kid bracelet is a new offering and comes in a few silk color ways... If you're in the US, you can go to the website and order with free ground shipping.
  4. Looks very nice on you. I'm a big BeHapi fan and love the double tour. My hardware has been gold so far but I think I will need a silver one now. And you're getting the new Apple H watch ? Show us when you receive them !!
  5. Lots of nice things
    Busy shopping as well haha
  6. @chkpfbeliever... Thank you!!! I'm venturing into H bracelets more and am definitely a fan of the BeHapi... I like to think when I wear it the point is to "be happy!"

    I actually have been having the H Apple Watch with the fauvre band for a few months, but now that you can get colorful leather bands separately, I just couldn't resist!!!
  7. @bagidiotic thanks!!! I ALWAYS make time to shop!!!
  8. @chkpfbeliever... I actually went through the trouble of flying to New York from New Orleans to purchase the H watch... Only for them to be available online a few months later...


    The experience was still worth it though... Got my first Birkin on that trip too!
  9. blingconnoistre. Behapi >> Be that! Re your trip to NYC for the watch...well getting the birkin sure made it worth it! Do post that!
  10. what a feast of lovely arm candies!!
  11. Lovely arm candy!