**Arizona TPF meet up??

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  1. I have had the pleasure of meeting Stefania (such a great girl!!) and I think it would be so fun to get a group of all of us AZ TPFers together!!!:yes:

    We could hit LV, Neimans (for Chanel), Gucci...whatever everybody wants!!! :yahoo:

    Is anybody interested?!?!:nuts:
  2. Ill Sticky this for you..HAVE FUN! Wish i could be there!!HEEHEE!
  3. I am in AZ, but moving in a few weeks..
  4. i'm assuming you mean scottsdale then, i live about half and hour away so def. will meet let me know times and other info. Are there may arizonians, i thoughtyou were the only one couturegrl?
  5. ^LOL nope there are others...somewhere in the desert...LOL

    **Thanks Jill :smile:

    BeBeStyle--we could do it b4 you leave :smile:

  6. Sounds good!!
  7. Great!!! We will have 2 figure a good time for everybody :smile:
  8. My schedule is hectic. My DH works in another state and I have my 2 girls (2 and 8) here with me, so I dont have a lot of free time. But, when you guys decide on a date, I will definitely try (but, I would have to bring my kiddos)...sorry
  9. I am in Az! ..This month has been so hectic! And I cant really go shopping :sad:
  10. Count me in!!! I'll see you Monday too!
  11. ^^^
    Tuesday! Yes we're going to the LV trunkshow.
  12. Oh, Oh, I want to go!
  13. It would have to be really soon or not till I pop this baby out :p

    Can you imagine how scary it would be to go into labor on Interstate 8??
  14. i must have missed this :crybaby:i wasn't able to go to the LV trunk show... any plans of getting together again soon? count me in! :yes:
  15. me too me tooooooooo! all of my friends think im crazy to be head over heals over handbags....it would be nice to meet people that share my passion!! haha :smile:

    how was the meet for those that made it??? any plans for a follow up?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.