Arizona NM Last Call: Lots of Chloes on sale (paddy, Edith, Betty, Tracy)

  1. I just posted this in the Deals and Steals Thread and I figured I'd post it here too (I hope that's ok, This is the first time i've tried starting threads): I stopped by the NM Last Call at Arizona Mills tonight and they had just gotten a slew of Chloe bags. There were two Paddys. One deep red and one light camel. They were priced at just over $900. The camel one seemed to be in perfect condition but the red one was a little warn (which is why i didn't take her home tonight). There were also quite a few Ediths. I remember Jade and seem to remember seeing some brown ones too (i didn't look too closely). They were in the low $800 range i think. They also had a couple of Tracy bags and i believe 2 Betty bags, one of which was black patent. Everything seemed to be pretty well priced. Also, Tomorrow (22nd) they are having a handbag event where all handbags (excluding chloe *pout*) will be 30-40% off their already reduced prices!!!! They had a bunch of Marc Jacobs bags and other misc. Lower end designers. Definitely check it out if you're in the area!!!!!