Arizona NM Last Call Chloe and Marc Jacobs!!!!

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  1. I stopped by the NM Last Call at Arizona Mills tonight and they had just gotten a slew of Chloe bags. There were two Paddys. One deep red and one light camel. They were priced at just over $900. The camel one seemed to be in perfect condition but the red one was a little warn (which is why i didn't take her home tonight). There were also quite a few Ediths. I remember Jade and seem to remember seeing some brown ones too (i didn't look too closely). They were in the low $800 range i think. They also had a couple of Tracy bags and i believe 2 Betty bags, one of which was black patent. Everything seemed to be pretty well priced. Also, Tomorrow (22nd) they are having a handbag event where all handbags (excluding chloe *pout*) will be 30-40% off their already reduced prices!!!! They had a bunch of Marc Jacobs bags and other misc. Lower end designers. Definitely check it out if you're in the area!!!!!
  2. Thanks!!! Do you happen to have the number?
  3. I'm afraid I don't, but if you look up NM Last Call at Arizona Mills in Tempe AZ I bet it will pop up.
  4. Thanks. I'm going to call first thing in the morn. Did you happen to notice what MJ bags they had? Did you get anything?
  5. Wow, really wish I live in Arizona now. Sounds like there are tons of deals tomorrow. Good luck ladies!
  6. They had a LOT of MJ bags. They were slightly older styles. They all had Silver hardware. I remember some multipocket bags, and i think there were a couple of venetia bags. The colours were great. There were fuschia, Kelly Green, Soft peach, black, brown, and possibly others. I didn't end up getting any (although I have to say I'm tempted to go back tomorrow for the event) because I prefer gold and brass hardware to silver and when it comes to the pockets, I only like the quilted ones...wierd I know. I really WANTED to want them though at those prices!
  7. Wow! Sounds great too bad I don't live in AZ either!