Aritzia Private Sale June 13th-June 22nd

  1. Toms are 20% off
  2. Yes, TOMS are 20% off!
  3. Thank you! Might be the time to just buy the red ones then... :wlae:
  4. Call and get them to put it on hold for you. If they don't have it, get them to order you one from the warehouse. That's why I did with two pairs of jeans cause they didn't have my size. And I got them to put in the receipt that I can return it (in case they don't fit me properly)
  5. OMG I wonder if they will match the price, I bought mine 2 weeks ago only!
  6. That's perfect! Thank you for the tip!!!
  7. Just thought I'd mention: Aritzia at Don Mills (finally went; too frickin' hot Wed & Thurs) didn't look too, too picked over. The sale Wilfred knit tee-shirts were all limited to XS (no Smalls, one Medium, no L or XL left) in the prettier colours were; but they had a good amount of sale TNA hoodies, talula sweater blazers & shorts on sale.

    BUT all the Regular Price pre-sale stuff is all in pretty good nick, size-selection wise.

    Lots of the talula lace shift dress - even marked down plus the pre-sale 20% off they seem to having a tough time shifting that dress.

    Towel is heavy when they put it in a paper shopping bag :p Only denims seemed to be on sale were the COH floral skinnies and Anthropologie has them cheaper, albeit in fewer sizes.

    I didn't do as well as I had/have in previous years, but I might go back for one of the wilfred or talula Ulla dresses in white. And maybe during the public sale to look for denim.

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  8. Do you guys find that the prices are further reduced after 2 weeks or so, after it is made public?
  9. Depends what you're looking for. I find that after its made public, they usually mark it down $5-$10 and all the good sizes and colors are gone by the second markdown.
  10. were any of the bustier tanks on sale?
  11. Not on sale, but the house stuff is 20% off. They still had them in a lot of sizes & colours yesterday AM.
  12. Hi ladies! I was looking to get a Mackage jacket (Lauren) at 20% off, but have heard that the leather for the Mackage for Aritzia jackets are softer, i.e. less durable. Have any of you had this experience?

    I missed out on the Nev, and the Lauren seems to be the next best thing (I love the longer styles). Because I believe the Lauren is an older style, does not stock it, and Aritzia seems to be the only place that does.

    At ~$500 it's quite a bit still, so I just want to make sure it's a good investment!

    Also, I'm wavering between a S and a M. Do you guys think I should take the smaller size (a bit snug), or the M (a bit looser, and more comfy for me, but scared it will stretch out horribly).

    Sorry for all the questions! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! xx
  13. Hi everyone im just wondering when is the sale gonna go on public? I really wanted to buy another anorak jacket but still in fullprice.
  14. Sale is public today for anything that is left
  15. I ended up buying a dress only at the presale and my gf picked up another pair of toms. Unfortunately, they did not do a price adjustment for the pair of toms I bought because I went 3 days after the 10days refund/price adjustment deadline...