Aritzia Private Sale June 13th-June 22nd

  1. I didn't get an email... Is this a private sale? I asked the SA today and they said it was end of July? Does it take place during normal store hours? What if I walked into a store tomorrow?

    Thank you!!!
  2. The private sale starts tomorrow. It starts during mall hours. They usually only give people who received the email a cardstock with a list of sale items. They will have racks too in the store with an assortment of pieces that are on sale, but it's not marked down on the tags. The sale items are only specified on the cardstock. I've brought a friend with me to a previous private sale before and they gave my friend the list of sale items also. So perhaps depends on the SA??
  3. I normally get the invite but I didn't this year in my email so I asked one of the SA and she looked me up and found that I was supposed to receive an email. So for those who didn't get an email, I suggest going in and double checking with an SA!
  4. I just picked up my items and there are no additional sales items as there usually is. The ones that are already highlighted and marked down in stores aren't very good

    I remember getting nice basic jbrands for $100 one year since it was a featured item.

    Really disappointing
  5. I've got an invite starting today-I don't plan on buying much but I will stop by anyways. I keep feeling the quality is continuing to go downhill so I'm more conscious of what I buy. I need a new basic white tee and some dress pants though-theirs are the only ones that fit me perfectly and are long enough!

    Any news on the gift? I've got enough beach towels now.
  6. I went in today. The gift is a beach towel, I haven't unwrapped it yet.. but the colour scheme looks like the exact same as last year.
  7. Got my email. Doubt I'll buy very much, but I need some mo' sailor shorts - even a miniscule bit of moolah off is nice. By the time the pre-sale ends, usually a lot of stuff seems REALLY picked over when it goes cheaper. :sad:

    Were there any good deals on non-coloured denims?
  8. I got the invite too! I hope there's still something left on Saturday... my workings hours sucks and does not allow me to do much during weekdays...
  9. I didn't get the invite but went in and they were handing out cards :smile: got a bunch of stuff, yay! But yeah sizes are already becoming limited in some stuff.
  10. omg i went to the sale 3 days in a row... spent like $800!! I got the mackage kenya leather jacket, silk dress, silk tank, a sweater, a cotton tank, and toms.. I think I'm done!!
  11. How much was the mackage jacket, if u don't mind me asking.
  12. The Kenya is $575 with 20% off of that!
  13. $575 before the discount. They are currently 20% with the sale.

    I also just bought one in Nude! The leather on the jacket is so amazing.
  14. Nice!!!! I hope they still have my size on Saturday... my crappy work hours does not allow me to stop by the mall on weekdays...
  15. Were the TOMS on sale?