Aritzia Pre-Sale

  1. I don't know if there are any Aritzia stores in the for all you Canadian Gals, Aritzia is having a pre-sale starting June 23 (just got a card in the mail). I can't remember what the card said about the pre-sale (ie. if you have to bring the card in with you in order to get the discount), but just thought I would give you all a heads up.
  2. :heart: Aritzia. I got my JC bag for 50% off retail price on Boxing Day last year :angel:
  3. What is the discount does it say?
  4. The card I received says it begins on June 19th through 23rd. The discount applies on all TNA and Talula stuff and is about 30% off. I heard this from an SA who works there.
  5. Its never usually that 5 bucks off? That is how it's been from past sales (and since its on sale its all final sale). I'm curious what the free gift will be, I've gotten a bag, water bottle and some other stuff previous years...

    I really like the wilfred/talula babuton stuff!
  6. i got the card too.. i dont think i am going though.
  7. sometimes they have really good deals though. I remember getting $100 off a pair of sevens I purchased last year at the private pre-sale.
  8. Sorry about the dates. Yea, you're right. The pre-sale starts on the 19th.
  9. i think the reason there are different dates because aritzia tends to send out earlier pre-sale dates for those who don't buy often to get them to come in and buy because I got a p/c too and it said june 23 but my friend got one that starts on june 19th... hmmm... oh well i'm taking hers! heheh
  10. Oooh thanks for the heads up !
  11. the sale is decent! the freebie bag is so cute! i got the red polka dotted one and it comes with a small blue make-up bag tucked inside! great beach bag!
  12. man! I wish I could have made it Vancouver for the sale!!!
  13. I vacationed in Vancouver just in time for the Aritzia sale and snagged a pair of Da-Nang cords for 20 bucks, which is unheard of here in the states. That savings practically made up for the price of my plane ticket there!

    But no, there's not an Aritzia here in the US. boo-hoo.