ARITZIA...i <3 this store

  1. Honestly, your best bet it to just order from other stores online.
  2. ita :sad:
  3. totally love their wilfred brand.

    but for all their non-house brands i mainly just go there to try stuff on and order it online :p
  4. It's alright...but EVERYONE wears it! "Hey cute shirt! Cute shirt! Oh, you have one too. And too.." Thay have such terrible sales too.
  5. I'm not a huge fan... a lot of their stuff is not my style. I used to like their TNA hoodies, but I prefer Lululemon now. When I walk around school, it seems 1 in 2 people are wearing something with the TNA logo on it... :tdown:
  6. lol i don't consider 2 dollars off a sale either

    i know they are a bit overpriced but its so easy to go in and get stuff...i'm not an online shopper i'm into instant gratification :S

    and i must say i do wear a ton of tna stuff but i just think sometimes i'm a sweats conossiuer :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. There's a big sale going on right now there! I was at Yorkdale & Fairview mall yesterday. Tons of TNA & even some R&R for 50% off or more!
  8. I love it. I have been shopping there for almost 10 years. I'll probably continue to shop there for a long time.
    There sales do suck but sometimes they are good. I got a sweater for $35 once and it was marked down from $135
  9. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with Aritzia. When they were all about yoga pants I never once stepped in there. But I have to admit, they've done an amazing job of maturing with their target audience. The people who used to shop there are in their 20s now, and I love their Wilfred line.

    But I agree, the quality is incredibly questionable. I've had one top fray at the bottom, another get a hole in the armpit...and I bought one of their parkas (totally out of practicality, since it's always windy and freezing at my uni and my wool coat just doesn't do it) but I find it just isn't warm enough-and it isn't even down! I try to pick out things others won't necessarily get as well, or I try to wear it in a different way so I don't look like a clone.

    Their warehouse sale is no good either. I went last year and walked out in 5min empty handed-I wouldn't even have gone if I hadn't been in gastown visiting my friend anyways.

    The sales people are terrible too. I went in with a friend of mine who shops there constantly, and the sales clerk she knew was all over her and although she took my stuff, she never once said a thing to me (although she was lavishing complements to my friend)-even though I ended up buying $250 worth of stuff and my friend bought nothing! Only then was she nice to me :S
  10. They do very well in Vancouver because there is so little competition with their target audience. They do so well in fact that in one of their stores, you aren't allowed to bring your purse or jacket into the changing room. They lock it up for you, I found that a tad bit annoying.

    They have great buyers though for their store and their inventory is always impressive. I'm also not a big fan of their prices, but I broke down once and purchased a $400 winter wool coat. I still love it, but I don't think I'll be doing that twice.

    They also always have their regulars who always seems to walk out with bags and bags of stuff.
  11. ^ yeah the fact that they make you lock up your purses is annoying...
    i also hate the fact that they don't have mirrors in the changing rooms, sooo you're forced to go out and see what it looks like.

    their sales also aren't really that great, unless (like now) they're getting desperate for sales and mark everything down even more.

    the fact that urks me is that they still continue to sell rocks for full price when they're sooooo like, 5 seasons ago and such.

    it's such a love-hate relationship.
  12. so many of my clothes have been defected from there.. only some they agreed to exchange or fix for me.. the ones they did fix just got ruined again.. buttons coming off.. holes in their clothes.. once they gave me a 30% discount on one of those white parkas because it was dirty.. they said it would probablycome off in the wash... ive had it for 2 years now.. went through many washes.. original stains never came off!! plus about a week later they were all 30% off.. i must agree.. seriously love hate relationship!! i swear to always look for better deals somewhere else before shopping there.. and i must add that artizia pc has the worst SAs... many many bad experiences there :rant:
  13. I'm a proud longtime patron. I grew up with this store, and was happy when they opened a store in Bellevue. To me, it's like having a piece of home with me.
  14. I used to love it when I was younger, now I mainly buy a few basics/timeless pieces there like coats and sometimes jeans. It's way too mainstream, I just feel like a carbon copy of everyone else.
  15. All their stores are like that now. I know a couple of people who work there and they say theft is a HUGE problem-and that's part of the reason why sales associates can seem so aggressive-people are less likely to steal when they're like that (this is what I was told when I used to work in retail-although I know at Aritzia they're also desperate to get their quotas met!). I don't know about which Aritzia's you frequent but all the ones in Vancouver have security standing at the door. I remember last year on boxing day (not this year though) they actually had 6-8 security guards sitting on top of ladders at the Robson street store-with the crowds that was the only way they could see if anyone was stealing anything.