ARITZIA...i <3 this store

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  1. i just wanted to know if there are any other tpfers that love this store as much as i do....i was cleaning out my closet and realized that 1/2 of everything i got at aritzia
  2. yes! I wish you could shop online :sad:
  3. This store is DEATH I say !

    Seriously, it drains my cash like no tomorrow ! :shame:
  4. Love it! They have some amazing jackets/coats every season.
  5. I pretty much live there...I wish Canada had a bit more variety when it comes to stores!
  6. i'm not a fan.

    the quality is meager (when it comes to their various house brands which make up the majority of their stock) and the prices are outrageous. they only prosper because, like holts, they have virtually no real competition.
  7. i love aritzia, but only their more expensive/mature clothes aka Wilfred. Yes it is overpriced, but that's retail. More than half my closet is filled with it. Plus they carry some obsure brands like Delphin, which i love.

    The only part I hate is the TNA (supplex suit) side of Aritzia...totally geared towards teeny boppers lol.
  8. I used to love it but now it's become too "mainstream", especially their TNA brand. Granted, they do sell other brands, but everything is so overpriced for what it is. I do still shop there occasionally (I do like Wilfred and some other random brands), but nowhere near as much as before.

    They opened an Aritzia store in Seattle but it hasn't gained popularity like it did in Canada (yet). I was in Toronto over the holidays and was seriously amused at the ridiculous amount of girls in the mall wearing a TNA parka or carrying that damn monogrammed TNA bag. Like wherever you turn, you'd see one - it's crazy! I don't remember it being that bad when I left Canada 3 years ago.
  9. yes i love that store... i used to get 30% off there... i miss that discount!
  10. We have one in SF now and I've been very tempted to walk in and start shopping.
  11. yay i'm proud that it's expanding and booming into the US market :smile:
    and it all started in vancouver!
  12. more than half of my clothes are from aritizia too.. but just recently i realized that they overprice a lot of their merchandise! im trying really hard to look for better deals somewhere else whenever possible
  13. i love aritzia as well. It definitely has some cute clothes!
  14. yeah, some of it is cute. i like the cardigans and stuff.
  15. I agree. The prices are way too high. I actually bought a wool coat there four years ago when I was in Toronto, and paid almost $400! Considering that I get all my coats from J Crew for less than $200 and stellar quality, Aritzia is a rip-off. Just my very humble opinion!