Aritzia 50-70% Off YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE Sale!

  1. Starts Feb 7th, today!!
  2. Thanks! I don't know if the store has changed, but the last couple of times I went in, it was basically 90% tna stuff...I liked the store better before :smile:
    But thanks for the heads up!
  3. aw, wish I could go... I once found a pair of da-nang cords there for less than $20!!
  4. Thanks Azia
  5. awww...i wish there was an aritzia in the states
  6. Not too much left & most of the prices did not reflect 50% off , they are very selective in what they actually mark down to 50-70% off
  7. They had the best sales about 5 years ago..I got 2 pairs of Juicy jeans there for $90 each on Dec 24 then!
  8. If you are in the SF bay area... they opened one in San Jose at the Valley Fair mall. I think it's the first one in the states-
  9. You know what's really sad? I'm so old! I remember when Aritzia first opened as the youth section in Hills. I made my first "designer" purchase there--a turquoise Esprit belt! Granted, I was only 13 and was using babysitting money:lol:
  10. There is one in the Seattle area at Bellevue Square.