Ari's prom dress

  1. for all that want to see. Here is the back's is more interesting then the front of the dress.
    PS, she had the best time of her life
  2. Very beautiful!!
  3. Awww...she looks great!
  4. You look beautiful. Good choice on a dress.
  5. Her date looks really cute too! What a great evening she must have had:smile:
  6. Beautiful dress! Stunning color :nuts:
  7. Nice! She looks lovely. So glad she had a good time.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Wow! What a gorgeous dress. She looks stunning! I am so glad she had a great time! :smile:
  9. She looks gorgeous!!!
  10. What a beautiful girl! She looks wonderful in her dress! I love the color! Glad she had fun!
  11. The dress is exquisite, love the dramatic finish at the back. I also love her hair. Wearing it up and in ringlets was a great idea.

    Very beautiful. :love:
  12. AWWWW , thats is a great dress
  13. Love the color and the back design!!!!
  14. thanks all...I see that some of the ladies here are going to their proms in the next few wks.
    Ari said she was amazed at the quality of the dresses the girls wore. I glad she ran me was well worth it