Ariane Wallet ?

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  1. Does anyone have any thought about the Asians Wallet? I currently have the Victorine and I don’t know if the difference between the 2 is big enough for me to get it.... I have a feeling that the Ariane is going to get discontinued soon because it’s not as popular but I really like that it has 12 card slots. I watched a YouTube review and it said the bill compartment is shorter, so if I put more bills in the compartment, the middle would like get bunched up?

    Thoughts ????

    Thanks !
  2. I have been wondering the same thing.
  3. I advised my sister NOT to buy it Bc I fear that if you fill it with cards it’ll look really bad and over-stuffed... but you’d have to go to the store to say for sure. (I’ve never tried it)
  4. I think I bought the last one online. I got it in the empriente in raisin. Fingers crossed that it's perfect.
  5. Update- the wallet came but the button was covered with hair line scratches, it was really heavy, and the extra card slot flap which got me interested gets in the way of opening. If the bill compartment wasn’t in the foldable flap, it would be better. It’s def going back, and exchanging it for the Sarah Wallet.