Ariane Wallet ?

  1. Does anyone have any thought about the Asians Wallet? I currently have the Victorine and I don’t know if the difference between the 2 is big enough for me to get it.... I have a feeling that the Ariane is going to get discontinued soon because it’s not as popular but I really like that it has 12 card slots. I watched a YouTube review and it said the bill compartment is shorter, so if I put more bills in the compartment, the middle would like get bunched up?

    Thoughts ????

    Thanks !
  2. I have been wondering the same thing.
  3. I advised my sister NOT to buy it Bc I fear that if you fill it with cards it’ll look really bad and over-stuffed... but you’d have to go to the store to say for sure. (I’ve never tried it)
  4. I think I bought the last one online. I got it in the empriente in raisin. Fingers crossed that it's perfect.