ariana's goodies - heavy rotation

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  1. hi everybody!

    i'm brand new to the purse forum, and i'm amazed and bedazzled by the beautiful bag showcases! :heart:

    here are my favorite gears that i've brought out to share. LV denims are my current fixation and they're especially on heavy rotation in the weekends when i'm out and about (pleaty, bandana, belt, mules... bring it on!). i sometimes bring the pink balenciaga to office, the LV sneakers are for the office, the gucci bag and wallet are for special evening outs, and cutie mini pochette is for stashing some make-ups, credit cards, iPod, some money on-the-go. white burberry is for casual days.

    i'm really into small bags, and various ranges of shapes & styles for different moods. i don't think i'll stop with the denims any time soon!

    thanks a lot for viewing! :yes:
    CIMG0464.jpg CIMG0460.jpg CIMG0458.jpg
  2. bumpage for a late approval!
  3. The denim items are cute! Looks like you got blue bedsheets to go with the denim eh? ;)
  4. thanks to you for having shared with us your very pretty collection!!
  5. like all that denim...
    thanx for posting :smile:
  6. Beautiful denim :biggrin:
  7. Lovely denim! And I love the mules! They are gorgeous!
  8. What a cute collection!! OT: is that your cat in your avatar? It's really cute:smile:
  9. ooh, your denim collection is great!
  10. very pretty!
  11. SO NICE!!!:love: LOVE the denim!!! Welcome to PF!!!:flowers:
  12. like the balenciaga bag... nice collection
  13. I love your collection!!
  14. Very nice collection ... especially the LV denim pieces!
  15. thanks for the replies! ^_^ i have a *huge* smile at the office now!

    (my kitty in the avatar slept in the LV shoe box for a while... hehe)