Arhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

  1. I just bought my doggy a cuteeeeeee as heck coach collar but its TOO big :sad: :sad: :sad:!!!!

    I know it's not a big deal, i can just go back and exchange it for a smaller size but i was SO very excited!! I wanted to put it on her TONIGHTTTTT!

    the SA said her dog has a small and she weighs about 6 doggys a WHOPPING 17 lbs so im like mannn she at LEAST needs a med....but nooooo

    ARHHH sad sad sad mad mad mad me me me!


    Ok im done complaining...just thought id cry to those that understand the coach obsession...unlike my other friends that said "ummm didnt u already have a collar"


  2. Awww... I'm sorry. But it does give you an excuse to go back to the store again, right? :graucho:
  3. yeah, the dog stuff is sized funny. my ruby (in my avatar) is 35 lbs and wears a medium collar. but i got the legacy dog sweater in the large and there is NO way it would even begin to fit her!

    just think how much cuter your baby will look when you get it!
  4. hehe youre so right TLLOVESHIM!!!!! :smile: but im trying to be good! Im looking forward to that huge strawbag with the tags on it...and that sucker is $600+!! yuck!

    haha wow KALLISON! I wanna see pics of your poochie with all his adorable clothing...ok so im new to the coach portion of this site, and my obsession isnt a HUGE obsession...i didnt even know they had a HUGE coach pet collection!!! man oh man i want a sweater! you HAVE to post pics!!! :smile: your pooch is ADORABLE! :smile:

    thanks for the should to cry my woes on girls :smile: really really helps to have someone out there that understands you!
  5. I wanna get my little princess a coach collar, but she is sooo rough on collars I am not sure if it would be a good idea. If I knew the collar would last I wouldn't think twice about it, but she has destroyed other collars I was sure would last. I am not really sure what she does to them, but the wears them out really quick. I am thinking about going to Home Depot and getting 14 inches of chain lenght!
    Let me know how your little girl does with her collar when you get the right size and post pics!
  6. hahaha a chain and spray paint it bright pink ;) haha that would be cute!!!

    so heres what im thinking...ok in april im planning a trip to cali, and on the way is (drum roll please) the Coach outlet!!!!!! I wonder if they will have doggy stuff there!! I bet it will be soooooooooo much cheaper!!

    So should i just return it since it doesnt even fit and then just wait until i check out the outlet? better question, do you think i CAN wait? hahaha

    man oh man...i mean its not CRAZY expensive, 68 bucks....but i remember i got my contact case there last time for like 20 i saved 30 some bucks!! haha thats a cute little key chainnnnnnn!

    ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH number two :sad:
  7. the outlets around me usually have collars and leashes, but it is pretty hit or miss on the color. Brown and Black are pretty popular. If you are wanting something specific I would not hang all my hopes on the outlet, but its worth a shot. Also, if I remember correctly the collars run about 29 and leashes were 39.
  8. ohhh awesome thanks!! a saving of 40 bucks just mightttttt be worth the wait hahahaa....thats BASSICALY like getting the leash for free!!!!!!

    thanksss guys!
  9. I feel your pain. I have a Rottie and got him the XL collar and had to exchange for a L.
  10. awwww ur rottie is so cute!!!! he wears the color well ;)

    ur making me want to forget about waiting for the outlet and just exchange it for a smaller size hahahah ;)