ARHHH!!! Help me peoples!!! I need advice.....

  1. Howdy all, I'm having a major stress out with a decision I have to make.....

    I've been trying to get an internship at a fashion magazine, and after doing lots of work experience I've started applying to a few places....and hearing NOTHING back for weeks....until today.

    I've been contacted by two magazines today - Shop til you Drop first, and then Marie Claire second, and they've both offered me internships, but I can only choose one.

    If I go with SHOP, it looks like I'll get to do some writing as well as fashion assisting, whereas if I go to Marie Claire, I'll most likely just be assisting with fashion stuff (returning stock writing).

    I love fashion writing - it's what I really want to do, and SHOP will let me do it, but I'm torn because Marie Claire is a much more well-known and prestigious fashion magazine.

    WHICH SHOULD I PICK?!?!?!:confused1:

    Also, what will I say to the one I DON'T choose to keep them on my good side????:wtf:
  2. Well first...Congrats!!:yahoo: How great to have the choice. Was there any talk in your interview with Marie Claire about that being a job where you could move up and on to something more? Did you mention your love of writing to them? IOW, what was said at that interview that would/could lead you to think there could be something more on the horizon...or not?
  3. Well I've done work experience at Marie Claire before, and they told me that interns only do menial tasks, and I met an intern when I was there and she was only doing mailing, research, filing etc...
  4. And thanks for the congrats by the way!!!!!:nuts:
  5. Congrats!
    Think of it this way...even those who start out doing menial tasks have the potential to go up in a company, even if you're just interning.
    However, I think that if you go with the Shop magazine, you'll be doing what you love and you'll have some experience to build on, possibly end up doing some sample writing to present to larger magazines in the future. I would just tell them that what you really wanted to do is write you think the internship at Shop will help you attain that goal. Also maybe get a number or something of someone you may contact in the future should you interview for an actual job at MC.
  6. ^^^ITA

    Do what you love and that is writing. Then you will have a resume' which will be actual articles on fashion as proof of your abilities. This will open more doors than a name, imo. Good luck to you. :smile:
  7. First Congrats !!!! It all good news-
    It all depends of the culture of the country you are in......And I don´t know how it is in Australia. But basically in some coutries, you are evaluated on what you can DO -so in that case it´s better to have experience in writing if that´s what you wanna do- and the internship in itself will be more pleasant.
    And in some others you need the NAME droppings......I´m French and there when doing internships in design consultancies I´d pick the prestigious name no matter what.
    Can´t you do interships at both ?
    As the others said you always start at the bottom with meaningless tasks but then you´ll surely find a way to grab more tasks on the way.
    I would pick the one that would open my doors for a bright future !!
    The one with the Big name, but keeping in mind that you´d have a "go and get it" mind for more interesting tasks.....a bit like when Betty proposes her own ideas on side of making coffee ??? KWIM ?
    Very often small companies get interns to give them jobs like a proper employee,(it´s for free in France !!) whereas big ones already are fully staffed so they take interns for the "teaching" role.

    Oh I almost forgot, to the one you don´t pick tell them you would have loved to take their offer but you already gave a positive answer to another magazine (it shows loyalty and that you´re wanted elsewhere), but in the future you would like to have the opportunity to work with them (keeping your options/contacts open for future).
  8. I think I would choose Shop Til You Drop because you get to do something you want to do, plus the experience from doing some fashion writing would be invaluable in the future :idea: . I think it's good to have practical "hands on" experience, that's what employers want these days.
  9. Wow! Congrats! This is so exciting! I would also choose STYD coz you'll get the practical experience for your portfolio and you'd be doing what you love. There won't be any point having MC in your resume if you're only going to be doing odd jobs. The practical experience will standout in your resume. And like lvbabydoll says, ask for a contact number from MC for future opportunities. Tell them MC exactly how you feel, that you really want to write! Let's us know when you're published and I'll be sure to buy a mag! :yes:
  10. That's a tough decision! but congrats on getting those internships!! I love Marie Claire, so I'm kind of biased as I would want to work at the magazine I love. However writing experience will look really good on your resume. I don't know what to tell you, but good luck with your decision!!
  11. Congrats, I would go with the writing...that way you get more useful experience.
  12. Congratulations!!! I absolutely love MC, but as most people have said, the writing experience with the other magazine will help you add more experience to your resume. Good Luck and let us know what you decide!
  13. ITA. My first reaction was MC because it was the one I've heard about, and although you start at a low level, you'll meet new people who can help you on the way and show your material to and how keen you are, right?
    Anyways, congrats no matter where you choose to work:yahoo:
  14. I agree.
    What good does a "Big Name" on your resume do if all you are doing is BS work? Get the experience that will help you with your career.
  15. I'll agree with everyone--go where you can do what you love--you'll learn more than spending time on menial chores, even if the magazine name isn't as big as MC. Congratulations and best of luck to you!