Arghhhhhh!!! Not Happy!

  1. Ok so some of you may remember that I had some problems with my bubble side popped off, my SA fixed it for me than the other side fell off...

    WELL! I talked to elux and they said they would exchange it for me...ok fine so we sent it back, i ordered a new one

    AND NOW...i get the package....there is a LV box inside, but it is EMPTY?!?!?!?! what the H - E - double hockey sticks is going on??????>>?

    im so upset! :'( i wanted to wear it today too :crybaby: I called and they said they would check into the matter, but blah ive already waited a month and now MORE? I know its a stupid small item, but i LOVE that sucker :sad: im soooo sad right now u guys dont even know :sad:

  2. OMG I can't believe it!!! Do the package look like if it was opened? :wtf:
  3. omg that's absurd! I can't believe no-one checked it :S
  4. OMG empty????....Thats sooo strange of them to do that!!
  5. no it didnt look open, tampered with or ANYTHING!!! arghhhhh! im so freaking mad!!
  6. them ASAP.
  7. i called them but all they said was "i'll contact the distributing center adn we can check into that for you".....BLAH BLAH BLH!! arghhhh he says it takes about 3 days! GESH, im about to go postal on their butts
  8. WOW that is crazy unlucky-so sorry to hear about this. I'm sure that they'll make good on the situation, hopefully sooner rather than later!
  9. Wow! :wtf:

    I can't believe it was EMPTY considering the fact that it was a return.

    Very strange.

    Well, I hope everything works out for you in the end and you get your ring back SAFELY asap! :flowers:
  10. I had this happen with a pair of shoes once. I took the with me to Vegas to have them stretched, and I NEVER got them back! The box was NOT tampered with either! There were dust bags and paper, that was it!

    I am so sorry! It would really suck to have to buy a new one, but I guess that is an option!
  11. Thats awful - I really hope you get resolved soon, I would be so mad!:cursing:
  12. omg. id be livid! keep your cool girl!
  13. That's upsetting, especially when you're planning on wearing it today! Good Luck!
  14. :shocked: Sorry to hear that. Hope you get the ring soon!
  15. oh no! this sounds terrible! i hope your situation can be resolved asap! i'm so sorry this happened to you.