ARghhhh, I am so mad!!!

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  1. It sounds like it's just the BVs and MMs (and Mammas?) that have this problem? I think we should all check our bags that are those styles and fix them BEFORE they break! I have two I'll be looking at today....
  2. mine was actually a CIAO that it happened too.... but definitely check ur bags and fix it before anything happens!
  3. have you considered contacting the customer service department at lesportsac? ive never had them not stand behind their matter where you got it from...or just say it was a really shouldnt matter
  4. The zipper fell off my friend's Paradiso Mamma Mia, too. Luckily the Seattle LeSportsac outlet just exchanged the bag for her. The manager said it wasn't the first instance of bad zippers. I think she said she'd also heard about the strap on a Tokidoki coming off.
  5. :wtf: that's horrible ...
  6. Oh my. I am thankful that my bags are all right for now.......
  7. :wtf: The zipper I can deal with because it's fixable but the strap coming off is a big deal...I wonder what style the bag was that had a strap that was falling off.
  8. I honestly cannot remember. I was distracted by the Tokidoki bags.