ARghhhh, I am so mad!!!

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  1. just call lesportsac and ask them to fix it, don't mention ebay, say you got it as a gift.
  2. Eh, I don't think there's anyway to do that, shipping it back to the US will cost more than just fixing it here.
    I doubt they'll cover the shipping fees (even though they should :cursing: , it's their crappy seams).
  3. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you Snoopa! :sad:
    I think the best bet would be to take it to your local seamstress, tailor. I'm from NY and people fix bags w/ broken zippers via the tailors at the dry cleaning shop. $5 to fix it. Hope it works out. It shouldn't have fallen off like that in the first place. :sad:
  4. Even if Snoopa wasn't overseas it wouldn't matter... check the LeSportSac warranty/guarantee... it specifically says tokidoki bags are NOT covered for repairs.
  5. Eek!! I just noticed that the threading is coming loose on my pirata gioco!! On the leather part that is attached to the zipper ... there is yellow threading and the threading is coming undone...

    WHYYYYY LeSportsac??!! WHYYYYY ??!!!! :crybaby:

  6. Figures, they know the stitching is crappy on those so they make sure they don't have to fix thousands of bags. :yucky:
    That's so rude, making a crappy bag and not repairing it. :cursing:

    Tokidoki angel- That sux =[ . I thought the stitches on the leather part are better, atleast it looks that way on the zucca. :sad:
  7. So, did u fix it already snoopa? Tell us how did u fix it...just for future reference in case one of my bags fall apart so i know what to do lol:P
  8. I'm feeling kinda bitter about it, so I just put it in my closet and using the paradiso zucca meanwhile.
    Not sure what to do, I'm so afraid something in the zucca will fall apart as well. :Push:

    Not gonna fix it on my own that's for sure, guess I'll take it to a seamstress soon and hope she can do a good job, bleh.
  9. I am sorry to hear that Snoopa. Hope you can get it fixed soon and Now I am examining all my bags. So scared hat the threads will come undone too !!! For the money that we paid, we should be getting better quality products !!!..and yet ..we keep buying them.
  10. I am sooo angry. I just noticed today that the threads holding the zipper of my Paradiso BV had come undone too !! I had just worn it probably 10 times..only about 3 hours each.
  11. Geez, that's awful.:cursing: I used to have 2 BV's NWT but I ended up selling them to buy Zuccas and I am really glad now. I still have 2 Mamma Mias and that same thing already happened to 1 of them. I think I'll pass up the Aventuro since it's supposed to be a similar style to the MM and BV, just bigger. Seems that style of bag no matter what size has stitching issues.:tdown:
  12. this happened to one of my bags and i just put the zipper pull back on and put a few stitches on the end so it can't "slide off". This is where I'd do it to your bag if u can't get lesportsac to fix it. Just keep repeating a loop of stitches to create an "end". u can use tan string if u want. hope this has made my bag work like new...

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  13. Thank you girls for your concerns & advise.
    My BV is not as bad as yours, moofia. The vertical threads got undone instead of the the horizontal threads like yours. I am gonna stich it back as your advise moffia. THank you again.
  14. whatever you do, just DON"T SEND IT BACK TO LESPORTSAC!!!! they WON'T fix it.. they'll just give you credit.
  15. hm!! so I am not alone. weeks ago, i posted a picture of my l'amore bv zipper broke, stiches came out. Yes, i did get a replacement from Macys, but I have noticed that the zipper is very difficult to zip and that the same fate would eventually happen to this bv too. I wonder now if the zipper/stiches problem is happening to the L'amore BV batch. I've used my inferno which I just got from Nordstrom and nothing like this has happen yet. So, I am having second thought about keeping this bag, I might just end up getting another style.