arghhh....someone scratch my bag

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  1. Just need to vent :rant:. I was standing on the traffic light waiting to cross the road and I was busy with my 2 kids, suddenly someone bumped into me really hard. I looked back but he already walked past me.
    At night when I was checking my bag and admiring it :shame: like I always do every now and then, I noticed this big scratch down at the bottom at the leather part. The leather is peeled. I don't mind if it's just a surface scratch but this one is really deep :crybaby:
    Why couldn't he walk further away from me. It's quite a big street :mad:

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  2. That stinks! Do you have some leather conditioner? Maybe you can rub the scratch out.
  3. Aww im soo sorry!! I wish people would learn to be more careful
  4. I am so sorry that is really bad and rude...
    You can try going to your local FP store or calling Jax to see what can be done...
  5. I live in Sydney and I don't think the boutique here will offer any help. I'll try to put some conditioner. I'll have to buy it first :biggrin:
  6. Ohhhh nooo!! :wtf::faint:Is that the Heritage Stripe tote?! That's the purse I'm carrying right now too and I love it!! WoW that is a deep mark. Hope you feel better soon. This makes me want to go buy another one just in case...
  7. Yup it's the heritage stripe tote. I really love it too! It bothers me cos someone else did it> If it was me who scratch it, I'll be more accepting :P
  8. I work in downtown Chicago and I get bumped into all the time, and more importantly... MY BAGS GET BUMPED INTO ALL THE TIME. Are people blind? I can walk down the street without bumping into people and their things.

    Sometimes I just hate people. grrrrrrrrr
  9. take it to the boutique, you would be suprised at what they might do.
  10. Why take it to the boutique? It's not a product fault, it was damaged from use.

    I'd take it to a cobbler, or call a cobbler, and see if they have any recommendation for sealing down the peeled leather to prevent further damage.
  11. Holy crap. Im sorry this happened.
  12. Well it's worth a shot to take it to the boutique. are you familiar with any of the managers or a SA? They might be able to do something for you or offer advice. Sorry about your bag :sad: It's so annoying when people damage your things and especially if it could have been avoided. like not pushing around!
  13. That really sucks. Some people are so careless. Like you said, maybe some leather conditioner will help...good luck.