Arghhh, received a bag with alarmclip still on!!

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  1. I was really looking forward to receiving my new baby spy. When it was fiiiiinally delivered and I was unwrapping it I discovered after opening it they left the security/alarm clip still on!! :cursing:
    Ughh, now what? They usually make you pay for your own returns (although this is their mistake, so it might be refunded).
    I have no idea how to remove such a thing, maybe with a magnet (doesn't it work that way in the store?)
    It is attached to the inner pocket... Should I ask them to fix it (meaning sending back and forth) or try to remove it myself (I'm guessing this is a stupid idea)
    Anyone ever had this and what did you do? Suggestions?
  2. I don't know if this is true but I think I read in here a few years back that some of those clips had ink inside of them to prevent theft. If you tried to undo it at home it would put ink all over the bag and ruin it. I'd call first to make sure and if not, I'd try to get that baby off myself. There must be a way.
  3. hi that happened to me a couple of times but with clothes .. what i did was i went to a nearby department store , showed my receipt, then they were able to remove the security clip. im not sure if that will be the same with handbags , but theres no harm in trying to bring it to any stores that sell handbags . i will be scared to remove the clip myself , ink might be all over your bag .

    hope this helps..
  4. call the store you made the purchase at and ask them what you THEY are going to do about.
  5. ^I emailed they, so I'm waiting for their reply.

    I thought of that too! But I would feel kind of embarressed, as if I had to prove I didn't steal it. SA's can be so rude or akward sometimes...
  6. Yes definitely don't try to remove it yourself you will end up ruining the bag! that really sucks. I used to have trouble (maybe my watch or something in my purse) that I would always set off the alarms when I was leaving stores. Once after I bought a bunch of stuff at VS I set off the alarm and thought nothing of it until I got home. Turns out that they forgot to remove the alarm clip on 2 of my items!!
  7. Here's a pic by the way..

  8. show them your receipt, then that will prove that you ordered and paid for it...
  9. That particular one doesn't look to be an ink one, but you end up ripping the fabric if you did it yourself.
  10. i don't believe that is an ink one either - at least it isn't here in the US - the ones with ink say this. but those are VERY hard to remove without the proper equipment and will tear a huge hole in whatever it is attached to.
  11. Yeah that's true, the only thing I could think of is cutting it towards where the pin is in the fabric (it is only on the outer part of the inside pocket), but they would have to offer me a huge discount if I were to do that to one of my bags!!
  12. I've heard of this very thing, too, so I wouldn't remove it, if I were you, until I checked with where I purchased the bag. I would definitely want to start sporting that gorgeous baby spy as soon as I could!
  13. It is a very generic security tag, if you take it to any local retail store im sure they will do it for you no problems....I work for a canadian designer and I have even had a few people some into our boutique and ask if we were able to take security tags off because a store forgot to...we always say no problem!
  14. I agree with Carmen82...don't attempt to remove it or you might possibly damage your gorgeous new bag. I had that happen to when last year when ordering a Kooba from Plaza Too. I returned it to them to have it removed.
  15. Does it have an inkpad on the inside pocket?