ARGHHH!!! Paycheck woes!!!

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  1. Sorry, I just have to vent!! I'm a grad student at a big public university, so I both work for the university and am a student in an academic department. I receive a meager salary 9 months out of the year for my efforts, and supplement that salary with a variety of part-time jobs. So I just found out today that because of a miscommunication between payroll and the grads in the department that my paycheck is getting greatly reduced this month. Apparently the department just expected me to "know" that I wouldn't be getting a paycheck as usual. I won't get into the details of the miscommunication (it has to do with fellowship funding, which many dissertating grad students receive), but basically the department didn't tell us that we wouldn't be receiving our normal paychecks. I'm one of the few lucky ones who has a little bit of cash lying around, but geez, we make a little under $1600 a month (keep in mind we have to save for the 3 months we're not paid too), now it's been reduced to under $800 for January. Nobody's going to be able to pay their bills. I can't tell you how <bleepin> tired I am of this kind of stuff...this summer I had my salary spontaneously "changed" without the department telling me (I lost money of course, the department just assumed that I wasn't putting in as much work to teach a summer class as one conducted during the year, NOT TRUE), and now this. I don't know why I'm working so hard to get a job at ANOTHER university :cursing: ! I just want to get somewhere where I am given at least a little respect as an employee!!!
  2. Oh my. You do have a contract, don't you? Then they have to honor it. I know labor law is very different in the U.S. but that should be a basic principle?
  3. I remember the days as a grad student. These experiences are why you want to finish your dissertation "on time" and get on with it!
  4. ^^Haha, yes, Irishgal, I've gotten more work done on my diss this week than all last semester because I've been so set on getting out of this stupid university.

    And south-of-france, we have both a contract and a union, but the real problem in this case is that the department didn't communicate a change in university policy that grads wouldn't have found out about otherwise (not announced to the public at large). I dunno, maybe the union could address that, but it won't help us out for awhile.
  5. I am soo sorry to hear that. Hopefully things will get better for you this year
  6. I'm so sorry that they are doing that to you, it really doesn't seem fair. Is there anyway that you can protest or get them to do something about it?
  7. So frustrating! :sad:
  8. I wish I was receiving money from my university for my master's. be greatful that you have money in your pocket. Good luck. ANd just think at some point your existences will be beyond academia and you will ache for the minimal financial woes that you have now.
  9. ^^ I think she is working for the money.

    That totally sucks. :sad: I almost took a grad assistant job, and I'm glad I didn't because we have pay issues at my school too. Horrible horrible!!