ARGHHH! Lost my wallet.

  1. :sad:

    I went to Trader Joe's last night at Northpoint and I must have dropped my wallet when I dropped my entire bag of groceries. The cheesecake was fine, but the wallet was gone this morning. I'm so annoyed, I just got the wallet, and I had $200 that I won in Reno, I NEVER win any money!

    In addition, I lost some wire transfer receipts with all our bank info and goodness knows what else. If I could just get someone to return the other stuff, they could keep the $200 bucks. I hate losing stuff. :cursing:
  2. Cancel all your cards, and have the banks reissue your cards!

    I hope you find your wallet in your car and that you just misplaced it.
  3. Call Trader Joe's maybe a checker turned it in, or a good Samaritian.
  4. That's horrible! I nearly lost my wallet several weeks ago at an airport parking place (I left it on the shuttle that takes you to your car). I called the office within 3 minutes of it happening and luckily the driver was barely on his way out to pick up more people at the terminal. I was so relieved to have my wallet back that I gave him every dollar I had in it as a tip (a little over $60).

    Was it a nice wallet? Maybe you can put up reward signs at the store.
  5. Done and done. I went back today to Trader Joe's. Nothing in the safe.

    It was a Prada wallet, which I think cost me over $350. I'm just really annoyed with myself.
  6. So sorry to hear that!!:cursing:
  7. That's awful! I hope you'll find your wallet or that some kind soul would return it to you :smile:
  8. So sorry to hear that :'(
  9. I know well what you think, I lost my wallet twice, first it contained 300$, then all my discount cards, some of them I wasn't able to restore. It's really annoying, but at least you can study and be more attentive in the future!