Arghhh I am SOOO upset....I shouldn't even let these.....*#&$ get to me...(rambling)

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  1. So me and my boyfriend were having a conversations about a theory on ligament injury and the theory R.I.C.E...well long story short I decided to go into yahoo chat (first time!! went to sign up and everything) just to get an answer or a different prespective on this R.I.C.E thoery.

    So I get in the room and I start asking if there is anyone in the medical profession or some sort of medical background. I get no answer and i keep asking repeatedly no one answer and all they say is ignorant little comments ...SO i decide to change one answer all they are doing is playing music over the voice chat.....again one last time I go to the RECOVERY and SUPPORT chat room....I ask what i need to ask...and they give very little answer backs just the basic of what i already know...and when i keep going on about the conversation this one A** makes a dumb comment and I spit right back....and WHAT you know all the trailer trash and there hill billy friend get on the microphone and start calling me names about how I am stupid. ONE LADIE gets one the mic (she sounded like a 60year old trailer trash)and is like "you dont know **** get the F*** out of here your goin fail your phd (??) your a dumbass were calling the Union (wtf....what the heck do they have to do with healthcare in canada) and getting you license revoked".......hence remember I've never been in this Chat room ...and I was just asking a question hoping it would get answer and leave...of course before I left I had to say my two cents.....which I told them I had no idea why a bunch of ignorant bafoons were in a chat room dedicated to recouvery and support, If they wanted to meet a doctor go to the romance channel because it sure seem they weren't there for the right reason!!!!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH i am so upset....sorry for my grammer and spelling I am just soooooo fustrated with people like this...:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. That was the longest sentence I ever read. LOL
  3. hahahah soooorrry jsut so upset...i swear I wrote that all in one breath
  4. my goodness I'm reading it over and my spelling and grammer is horrible!!!*so embarrased*
  5. That's OK, it was pretty funny...maybe 10mg valium?
  6. Well..Chat 'rooms' are never a good idea in my opinion. I'd stick to message boards. But anyways clearly it was filled with a bunch of idiots who had no intention of helping anyone. That's the point of rooms like talk, and discuss and help other people, and get information for yourself. Nobody has time for pretentious people, they're the worst. Clearly these people have no manners. I'm sorry you went in there innocently to ask a question and got s**t for it.
  7. now I know and i will never step in a chat room again!!!
  8. haha I just remember back in the day "mirc" I have no idea if people still use it...but it was so horrible and pointless. I was very young...and learned very quickly that most of those people were just rude, vulgar morons. I haven't been to a chat room since. :smile:
  9. oh i remeber that program, I never really experianced anything vulgar...maybe cause the fact I went to the same room constantly which was created by a freind......other wise the only time I'd go to another room is to grab something...
  10. What A Bunch Of Strange People In That Room. I'm Sorry That Happened
  11. Im so sorry you had to go through that... I used to lurk on the ebay boards and it'd get nasty too... ack
  12. mIRC is just a program that allows connections to IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Generally speaking, you have a bunch of a-holes mostly in the general channels. Most of the "big" networks have devolved into being a breeding ground for illegal file sharing and looking for "romance". :mad:

    I love IRC though, it's better than Yahoo/MSN/AIM chatrooms, but it's difficult to connect to it from work. But you have to bear in mind that it's a completly different experience to instant messaging.
    IRC is only worth it if you stick to it and find a group of people you can chat with. It takes a while to get into it. Mostly, if you're not too computer savvy, it's not going to be a great experience.

    Sorry you went through that but Yahoo chat is known for being crappy and filled with idiots. You'd be better off finding a web forum for the topic you're after.
  13. i hate stupid people in chat rooms
  14. I used to love IRC in the days before Netscape... when lynx and mosaic were the only ways to web-browse. No, I don't even bother with it anymore. I'm so sorry you had to go through that... I totally agree with Bagluv... what strange bunch of people! That sentence took me a couple times to get through, it sounded so surreal!
  15. I'm sorry you had such an awful experience in that chat room...what a bunch of you-know-whats!!!:mad:

    If i go to chat rooms it's only ever with people i know, or forums i frequent so i know who is going to be around.;)

    BUT i just had to say i was absolutely PMSL @ the above, good response ^^^:lol: :nuts: