1. I noticed this on another page too, the one with the new sized denim stripe tote. Don't know what's up, just want to see the pics & drool too!!! :crybaby:
  2. i must see the new denim stripe tote! does anyone know anything about it?!

  3. I don't really know anything about it but I did exchange my smaller denim tote 9x9 for the new "small" one on the site.

    It should be here in a few days. i'll post pics when i get it.
  4. There are things in peoples wish list that were up on site for a couple days and then when I went to add it to mine, gone....:sad:
  5. i wanna see. on drilldown?
  6. Oooh that's beautiful! Reminds me of the Hamptons Leather Medium Carryall I'm lusting after. Too bad I can't bring myself to by any more small bags.:push:
  7. I was able to buy it before it was put on the website. It was sent to the store I was at on accident since it was only supposed to be sold at their pinnacle stores. I even went to a flagship store wearing it and the store manager hadn't even see it before! One of the SA looked it up and said (at the time) there were only 500 of them left. I really like it. I have its mom too (the large tote).

    Here are some pics :smile:
    Denim Small Tote.JPG Denim Small - Large Tote.JPG Denim Family.JPG