ARGHH Someone help!! Limelight bag in Sydney?

  1. Hey everyone!! I am dyingggg for the limelight bag in silver!!! But i didn't really want it much up until now!! I called up LV in sydney and they said that the bags arn't in yet? But then i called a second time to ask if the waiting lists are still open the girl told me the ones that Sydney got were all sold out. And that if more come in they will give me a call... so im really confused at this point.. anyone from Sydney brought the limelight already?? Is there anyone who can help get me the bag?? Im desperate!!!
  2. I'm falling in love with it, too. Good luck finding one!! I'm trying to talk myself out of it because it's a clutch and I have little kids.
  3. Hey, I was at the lv store at castlereagh st and saw one in copper.
  4. There is one in sliver in melb crown store call and as for my SA Mel she ca definitely pull some strings to get it to you! *wink wink* But don't tell her you got the info from this forum just say i'm a friend of Cynthia "asian chick about to name her nephew louie" and she will know the one! Good like! I passed on the bag two weeks ago maybe its still there it was too big for me. I'm into tiny bags!
  5. There are some on eBay!
  6. me too!! :girlsigh:

    how much it cost?
    if it's over $2500
    I will let it go as I saving up $ for Chanel:love:
  7. Hey cynthia, thanks for the tip. I haven't given them a call yet but i will call them the moment they open! Aww i really hope i can get this bag. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all the help!!! (btw, it's super cute your naming your nephew louie)
  8. I think there are more arriving as not all stores have received them yet ... it is $1770 here. I love the copper:love:
  9. Sydney has had the limelights in a while ago (i passed on the copper, which was around a few weeks ago)

    As Shalom said, they're only $1770.

    my SA said that the copper was more in demand than the pearle/silver

    I hope you can find one!
  10. I saw the copper in the sydney castlereagh store, i really love the color of it and i told them to hold it for me. But i don't think the copper will be something i can wear with everything. So the silver is the safer bet. I really hope i can get my hands on one!! If i can't find one in Aus then i'm just going to buy one from the US and get them to send it over here. They just started to do international delivery about a week ago, but you'll have to pay all the imports and duties which sucks!
  11. I haven't seen one limelight bag at Sydney yet... :s
    price $1770 not too bad...:heart:

    but too much new bag comes out lately so..
    hard to get more fund $$ to buy more all of em :sweatdrop:
  12. I passed on it when it arrived in Melbourne Collins store. That's about more than a week or so ago?