1. It's 9PM and I have absolutely nothing to do!

    It's anyone else sailing on the boredom boat with me?
  2. you need a dose of Club BagnShoo - :wlae:
  3. nah not too bored... im listening to cheesy corn dog music, doing emails, blogging and mucking around on urban dictionary! hehehehehehe!!! give me a few hours and i'll be bored... its just gone 3pm over here! the sun is out but its still cold!
  4. :roflmfao: totally forgot about that!!! hehehehe!
  5. im hungry.
  6. Club BagnShoo is now serving appetizers
  7. i am super bored...
  8. anyone know a good website for games?
  9. for fun and games, visit Club Bagnshoo....
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