Arghh...I'm! Ergo Satchel price?

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  1. Okay, so I put a Pink Patent Ergo Pleated Satchel on hold in Hershey, and they charged me $248 and some change w/ tax...but everyone is saying they are only being charged $160?? At first I thought it was because Patent leather is slightly more expensive, but I saw a few people w/ the black patent ergo satchel and I think they paid the $160 too? I tried calling the other day to ask, but the SA had NO idea what I was talking about, and didn't know what an ergo satchel was. She must have been new or something...anyway, should I call and ask for a price adjustment, or is there a reason I was charged $248? I don't want to sound like a cheapie, and I'm really excited about finding this bag, but still, I don't want to be overcharged either.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!:heart:
  2. Anyone?:sweatdrop:
  3. Call back and ask to speak with the manager on duty! I would think that you would be entitled to a price adjustment, and this isn't being a cheapie! We're talking about close to $100!!! Get the info you desire! I'll call my outlet tomorrow (they love me) and find out the down-low on the price of this bag at the moment!!!
  4. Hi LA. I don't have one, but I do know that people have said they paid $160 recently. I'd call back and talk to the manager to see about a price adjustment. There could be a price difference for the patent. And it's not cheap to want to save $88, it's practical and smart! Be sure to post pictures when you get it! :smile:
  5. LoveCoachMore - Great minds think alike. ;)
  6. Thank you, lovecoachmore! That would be a huge help. I will call today and see what's going on. Maybe I can get an adjustment or something, maybe I missed the sale by a day or something.
  7. I'll definitely post pics! I love your signature's adorable! yeah I wasn't sure if there was a difference in price w/ the patent or not. I'll call and find out today...I called the other day and the girl didn't know what an ergo satchel was, I should of asked to speak w/ someone else, but I always feel too bad:sweatdrop: But I'll do that today...if nothing else I will be going down tomorrow or Thurdsday to pick it up anyway.
  8. Yes, I can guarantee that the black patent was $160 last week (Friday).
    My outlet didn't have pink, but they had several black patents which I considered/tried on/etc.

    That'll be a nice adj for you!
  9. ^^^Yes, thank you for confirming that. I thought so! Yes it will be, now I'll definitely be able to get two bags! Woohoo! Hopefully they'll adjust it for me! Thanks so much, 90046!
  10. ^^^No I didn't see that! Thank you so much! Someone else said that the price went down again on Thursday...I put it on hold on Tuesday. It may be marked down, but like baglady said, it may also be because it hasn't been discontinued as long. I'll call and find out. Thanks everyone!
  11. I do believe that you're eligible for a PA up to 14 days out past day of purchase. HTH! :smile:
  12. LA, if this color has been marked down (I know they did some price adjustments last Wed), then you can DEFINITELY do a price adjustment. All of the outlets will adjust within 14 days (some will do it for a longer period), and when you did the charge hold, that locked in that price in case it went up, but you can still return/repurchase. That should be no problem! I can't answer whether this color is the same price, though. They didn't have that color at Lahaska last weekend for me to see. Also, you can do the price adjustment at any outlet, not just that one. All of them require diff. things, but as long as you have the bag, tags, and receipt at the time of the adjustment, you're good to go! Some outlets just require the receipt, though.
  13. Keep us posted.
    I'm just curious if the pink patent is the same price as the rest.
    Call me nosey, I guess!

    As mentioned, the 1 Signature satchel was the same price as the hopefully that's a "sign" that they're ALL the same price and you're due some $$$ back!
  14. I went to two of my outlets last week. One of them was selling the ergo satchels for $160. The other one, in the same city mind you, was selling them for around $250. crazy!