Arghh, I Need Expert Opinions Please!!

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  1. Ack, I have no idea what to do!! I have been looking for a red First, and haven't been able to find one anywhere. I happened to be in Neiman Marcus in Tysons Galleria today, and found myself going home with a grass green First. I figured since I couldn't find the red, I'd get a green and get the red later. But then I got home and got an e-mail from BalNY saying that THEY had the red. I can't possibly get both, so can I please get an opinion or two or twelve?

    The red bag I am considering is the one on the left. The green b'bag I have is similar to the one on the left in the other picture, although the colors IRL are more vibrant.

    Neiman is just gonna kill me if I return the green. I spend my life buying and returning there. If they're keeping track, they must think I'm totally bonkers.

    HELP!!! Which one should I get?????????:confused1:
    fireengine, vermillion, oxblood.jpg grass,grey,seagreen.jpg
  2. Ooooh, the red is so pretty! What color red is that? Rouge VIF? Personally I'd go for the red. But the green is gorgeous as well. But if I had to pick one it would be the red. You like xmas colors!
  3. I know what you mean.:yes: Aren't those SAs nasty at Tysons?:nuts: i say keep the Green because Bal comes up with the Red almost every season but VG is a rare color and it looks great for Fall and Winter too.:heart:
  4. Keep the green, it's stunning...Save up and get the new fall red. :wlae:
  5. Thanks, ladies. My DH thinks the green may be too close to this Elisa Atheniense that I bought a few months ago (the real miracle is that my DH even remembered that I had another green bag!). Think it's too similar?

    I don't normally have this much trouble being decisive. Honest!:shame:
  6. Oh, forgot to answer, Lordguinny, yes, that's rouge vif.
  7. There are a million gorgeous reds, past, present, and future, but there is only ONE VG!! Keep the green!! Hopefully you can save and eventually get a red one.
  8. I agree!!! Congrats on the new bbag btw.
  9. Wow, that is a tough call! Sorry to disagree with your DH but the green bags are very different. The two bags in question are both beautiful. Would you get more use out of one color over the other? I agree VG is an amazing green, but if you have been wanting a red bag for a long time and it is going to be awhile before you can buy another maybe you should get the red.
  10. keep the VG!!! it's funny your DH remembers you have a green bag but it's completely different! the rv 1st is also nice, but as someone else said - they always have a red, but not a green

    enjoy your VG 1st - great purchase! :yes:
  11. I'm a red fan so I personally would keep the red. But the others have a good point about VG being a less common colour.

    If you're planning on getting both eventually anyways then keep the VG and get Tomato for the fall.
  12. As always, you guys are great. I think I'm going to hang onto the VG for a few days and ponder. :idea:You all raised a great point about reds always being available, but vert gazon being kind of a "one off". I went back through the ateliernaff color wheel, and can't find another green I like as well. I can always count on you all for great advice. My husband just thinks I'm purely nuts, :wacko:so I really appreciate having you like-minded souls to turn to!:tender: