Arghh!!!! German customs office won't let me pick up my LV bracelet

  1. for at least 20 days!!:sad:

    I recently purchased the bracelet from Let Trade. Then last Friday, I got a notice in the mail that I had to go to the customs office in person to pick it up.

    So this morning, I printed off my Paypal receipt and went down there.

    They asked to opened the package. When they realized it was LV, they said they would have to hold it for a minimal of 20 days while they verify the authenticity of the bracelet (I'm hoping they will just send it to the LV boutique in town).

    So I left the customs office empty-handed. I'm trying to see the positive in this (free authenticity test), but do they have to take 20 days?!

    OK, rant over. Thanks for reading :smile:
  2. Gosh, I am sorry to hear that...
  3. What a pain in the pooper. Wouldn't be so bad though if they sent fake items back to the seller and arranged a refund for you..!
  4. Hey that sucks!! I didn't know that also German customs have become so strict with authenticating LV.
  5. At least you have a good attitude about it! I hope it clears soon! We would love to see pics of you wearing it! :cutesy:
  6. I'm sorry to hear that! I heard that german customs are really strict... I'm working for an online company too and usually germany holds a lot of our items in customs!
  7. So sorry you have to wait. What bracelet did you get?
  8. Oh Customs in Germany are terrible. They had 2 of my bags there, but when I went to pick it up, I could take it directly with me. I know this sucks but see the positive thing in it like you said
  9. WOW !!!!! I would expect this in FRANCE.....not in Germany !! I hope it works out well for you......I know, the waiting sucks.
  10. I am sorry to here that.
  11. Oh that stinks! Sorry you have to wait so long!
  12. wow, that is crazy!

    look at it this way though, 20 days but you will definately know if its authentic!
  13. Oh so sorry to hear that....................
  14. Oh that is so frustrating! But it will be nice to have it authenticated!
  15. wow how frustrating. I hope they get this resolved ASAP.