1. Every Monday before our Weight Watchers meeting, my Mom and I hit up the TJ Maxx which is right in the same shopping center. Imagine my suprise and delight when I see a BEAUTIFUL Hamptons tote in lavender (the largge size). OMG, it was soooo mine!!! :yahoo:It was originally like $258 (I don't remember the exact price) but it was being sold for $160. I was like Woo-hoo!! So I was checking it out and some Yahoo (I actually had some other choice words for whoever did this, an employee for sure) had taken a gold gel pen and had written ON the zipper flap "160!!" :wtf::sad::cursing: I knew it had to be an employee, because the same gold pen was also on the Coach tag, someone had slashed through the original price and had written an "H" on the tag. ARGH!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    So needless to say it didn't come home with me.
  2. You mean on the zipper pull? Or do you mean on the leather flaps on each side of the zipper? I'm sorry - my mind is working very well tonight. :P
  3. No, on the flap that the zipper is attatched to. When the bag is not zipped it folds down into the bag along the side.

    I almost didn't catch it, and thank goodness my Mom suggested I check it over carefully.
  4. UGH!!! I know exactly where you mean, now. What in the world was that person thinking? I am so sorry, I bet you were devastated when you saw that.
  5. i wonder if it would have come off?
    sometimes if you point out stuff like they, they give you a discount. :graucho:
    and if it wasn't something you noticed right away, it could've been okay.
    but sorry to hear that pretty bag doesn't have a home with you.
  6. Wow, sorry you could not bring the bag home, but like kallison said, they may give you a discount for stuff like that. But i would be really mad if i got the bag home and i saw it.
  7. Awww, that would bug me too. Unless I know it can come off and they lower the price more.
  8. I hate how TJ Maxx and Marshalls does that with some of their items,, great finds there,, but you have to check everything lol,, I've come across quite a few coach bags at both stores... but not styles I would really use,,, too bad about that,, the tote you found sounds really nice!! Stupid gold gel pen!!
  9. Yeah, even if I could get that ink out, it would still bug me. Well another bag will always come along. I'm on a ban anyway! (Or that's what I am telling myself! LOL)
  10. I'm not sure they would give you a price break for that since they are supposed to obsure the brand name on their product....thats what at lot of tags are cut out or drawn over at those places. It sucks for them to do it in a noticeable place though...
  11. They had a small tote in my Marshalls and also a large black one. OMG!!!!!! Waaaaaaant!