ARGH! Won a key fob off ebay...wrong one came, AND it's damaged!

  1. ok ladies...I won this wonderful keyfob off eBay a couple weeks ago

    Instead of this:

    I got this...

    [​IMG] boot...two stones are missing out of the "H"!! (I've owned this key fob before...bought it at the outlet, and returned it promtply when stones fell out.)

    The stones are NOT in the envelope it was shipped in.

    now...wth do I do? I've emailed the seller stating he sent me the wrong key fob...AND it's damanged (he had another auction end a day earlier for the gem key fob...he must have mixed up the I contact the winner of this fob?)

    grrr...I just want my brass heart! *pouts*...or a full freakin' refund.

    But I just KNOW he's gonna be all "well - you broke it's yours...." I cant' help it...i'm too honest like that...i had to let him know it arrived damaged
  2. Oh no dewey! I hope everything turns out good. We were supposed to be keyfob twins! hehe. If you just get a refund i believe you can still order it at your local store. I did a price adjustment on mines because i got the PCE so i got that discount off that price. It would be 28.50 +tax if you used your PCE. I hope he sends you the right one. Let us know what happens. Good luck sweetie!
  3. ^^ LOL! Well, I got VERY lucky! The guy said yes it was an oversight and yes he would either ship me the correct one, refund me, or I could keep the one he sent me. I said I didn't want the one he sent me (then told him to return it to coach since the stones are falling out!) and I would send it back to him.

    He's been pretty easy going about it thankfully! I just dropped off the keyfob to return...and I got a confirmation email from paypal that he's re-shipping the correct one.

    YAY! sooo...might have to wait a bit...but oh what it is...

    nice though...sometimes *nice* eBay sellers are few and far between...
  4. whew! thank goodness. I know, luckily my first eBay purchase i dealt with was such a sweet and nice person. Tell me how it goes and how u like it when you receive it! To me it was smaller then expected but still cute! anyway good luck!
  5. it came today! yay! LOVE it!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. It's looks beautiful! enjoy it! Looks perfect with Carly
  7. isnt that charm beautiful, I have one and love it.