Argh! Why won't this sell? (rant)

  1. i have tried selling the same darn Marc Jacobs evening bag on eBay about 5 times-and it just won't sell! It is driving me crazy-maybe it is as ugly as my husband says it is!:lol:

    Has anyone else ever had that-where something just doesn't sell no matter how many times you try?
  2. can you put up the link?
  3. She can't put up the link, we can't promote our eBay items on the PF.

    As for eBay, I've relisted my cambon bowler twice!
  4. You're not alone. I can't sell a single bag on eBay these days. I have several bags listed (that have been listed and relisted), some of which are new, all of which are relatively rare, and I can't sell any of them. I'm listing below retail too. eBay is impossible for sellers these days. I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever pick up again.

    Good luck with your auction.
  5. The funny thing is-I didn't have any trouble selling my other bags-and I just sold a Rootote and some perfume. My Matt & Nat bags went quickly-it's just this darn bag! LOL-argh!

    it has 10 minutes to go and 2 watchers-that's the thing that gets me the most-it always goes down with a couple of watchers-but no bids-and the price on it is ridiculous! I just want to get rid of it at this point!
  6. It's not eBay, it's this time of the year. April through August are the worst months for online sales or sales in a secondary market of any type. I'm in the business, and while I've got boxes of stuff sitting around ready to sell on eBay, I'll be waiting until September/October to get busy.

  7. I would love to know the auction number too, please!

    I'm on the lookout for an MJ bag, but I'm just worried about getting ripped off. I'd feel better knowing it was a PF member!
  8. I put a new coach for sale twice; never sold. I figured because there was just too much coach stuff already, or it wasn't a summer color.
  9. I'm a buyer and I've been avoiding Ebay because I'm too concerned about fakes. I think sales do pick up in the fall though because of holiday buying. And it gets too cold to go outside as much.
  10. I think Marc Jacobs is tough to sell unless its a discontinued hot item like the Stam. MJ goes on sale quite frequently at retail stores and that doesn't help sales on the secondary market at all. Also its hard to authenticate MJ on ebay.
  11. Well-this is an older piece-and, you can't get it in stores anymore. It is an evening bag in pink-so, good summer color. And, I had no problem selling the other MJ bags i had-so, I just don't know what it is. Oh well-can't have everything!
  12. I totally know how you feel. I am debating selling my MJ bag, but I feel like there isn't an audience for that on eBay. I'd hate to get a lot less than I'm looking for, too.
  13. It would be great if we could get together some kind of list with all the ebay sellers who are members. I know I have been so scared to hit the bid button on anything over $100.
  14. I had a post about a week ago where people were listing their eBay IDs-I asked to have it stickied-but, i don't think that was done. Anyway-I am sure you can find it if you did a search