Argh! Why isn't my auction in the search result yet?

  1. I just posted 3 Louis Vuitton Auction today for about 12 hours now and I still can't find my auction through the search engine and there isn't a visitor yet? I am going to post the links and see if someone can spot where did I go wrong. Thanks

    do not link your own auctions here or post your eBay ID, please re-read our rules.
  2. actually you have to wait 24 hour for relist item
  3. ^ Relist? I just created the auction from scratch today. Does that mean I lose a day of marketing exsposure? I knew I should have listed for 10 days. haha.
  4. For the BEST listing times, list your auctions at LEAST 12 hrs. before you want exposure, BUT if you want to regulate when it starts exactly and when it ends exactly. post your auctions the day before and set a listing TIME. I think there's a 10 cent charge for that.
  5. It takes 24 hours to shoe up on Louis Vuitton, Gucci items etc
    It used to work if you paid the extra and chose your start time 24 hours before hand it would show up for the full lisitng period this seems to have stoped. I have now started loosing 10 day listings!
  6. my last 2 auctions took 24 hours to show on a search, it really bugs me coz you lose a whole day in viewings
  7. it takes awhile to be fully registered on eBay's search list.
    BTW, nice items!
    especilaly love the Damier Azur Keepall 50. :drool:
  8. also, listing 3 LV items at the same time might raise a red flag for the dreaded "limits police". TPTB at eBay might be deciding whether to allow you to post all three or whether to limit your account for an unspecified period of time.
  9. ^ I notice that too. Right now they won't even allow me to edit my auctions to make minor changes. Now, how am I going to post pics of the receipt that I just found. :sad:
  10. Haha, thanks. It's my favorite one too.
  11. it took ebay about half a day for my jeans to be listed. Wasted at least half a day on them.
  12. yea boy, they should deduct the waiting time to be fair for us.. hee
  13. they shouldn't start the countdown until the auction shows on a search, their argument is that the fees are the same for any length auction, so you're not losing any money, it really gets on my pip
  14. Argh, I'm kinda frustrated again because they won't let me edit my auction. I found my receipts and I can't post pictures of them. :sad: Is there a way around this?
  15. yeah i noticed the delay as well! 7 day auctions become 6 day auctions!! i tried going thru auctiva, but that didn't make a difference.