ARGH! Why do I do this to myself? I CANT choose between Hayden Harnett Havana & Inka

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  1. IMO, equally beautiful. Both lovely shades of white, both have the same yuumy silk lining. Which one do I keep?
    hAHAHAH! Ive been going in circles for hours...I cant justify two white bags. What do you girls think?
    Minkoff 017.jpg Minkoff 016.jpg
  2. the one on the left (soz not sure which is which) :smile:
  3. Love both, but my vote goes for the first.
  4. The Inka is smaller. If you needs lots of space, keep the Havana.
  5. I like that practical approach in your answer :p and I agree. Choose which ever suits you in terms of how much stuff you usually carry.

    I love them both and I couldnt choose unless I thought about it that way.
  6. I like the hobo because I think the clip would becoming annoying after a while trying to get in and out of your bag.
  7. Both are really nice bags and the havana is a bit dressier. ( I'm still kicking myself for not getting one!) I dp have the Inka and it's a great everyday bag.
  8. I would definately vote for the havana...I also think the clip on the inka would be a bit annoying...just my $0.02;)
  9. Havana!!!
  10. Ah, but ... if one never uses the clip, it's a simple matter to sling the strap over the bag and get into it - I never clip my ring; the weight of the ring on the strap keeps the bag closed very nicely. I think of it more as decorative.
  11. I dunno wich one is wich..But I like the first one. It's the one I would keep. But your right - it's a tough decision :sweatdrop:
  12. I like the Havana.
  13. i would keep the havana - its so hard to get now!
    i just got am email saying the white havana i ordered is sold out :sad:
  14. Keep the Havana Hobo!
  15. Havana! (disclaimer: I'm waiting on one in cobalt :smile: