Argh...which color will stay...a dilemma

  1. My favorite SA found me a beige Bubble Quilted Bowler, and I was able to take it home with me. Now, I have to decide between this color and the brown color that I bought couple weeks ago. Don't get me wrong, I love this bag, but don't want to have 2 colors for this style.

    Here is a the beige one on me...


    or my chocolate brown one...


    I love both of them, but seems like the brown color is probably more versatile for me. On the other hand, I have a Prada Cervo Antik, which is also brown and has the similar shape. But then, Chanel is Chanel...I don't have a brown color to do:confused1:
  2. I personally like the brown over the light beige. I had bought the light beige last week and it seemed like in some lights it took on an almost pinky tone. I sent it back. Not sure yet if I'm going to try it in a different color.
  3. While I like the beige color - for this bag I think the brown is better. Very pretty in brown. Good luck deciding!:smile:
  4. i prefer the brown
  5. i think brown is better, especially with fall and winter coming around the corner. beige is more of a spring/summer color for me.
  6. I like both colors, see which one fits your lifestyle better.
  7. Since it's lambskin, which is prone to scratches, I'd go with the brown since it might hide scratches better. They're both beautiful though.
  8. I guess I'm the opposite of everyone else. *L* I'm not at all fashionable, but just looking at the two bags, I prefer the beige. I feel like it would be more versatile then the dark brown, and I just like the way it looks with this bag and the bubble style.
  9. i like the brown. how much do these retail for?
  10. OMG!

    Those are two beautiful bags!
    I can see why it would be so hard to decide.
    I'm no help - I think you need both :smile:
  11. i think beige is great for the summer b/c deep brown looks a bit heavy. BUT i'm a sucker for choco brown so my vote goes there. the good news is whichever you pick is the right one!
  12. OMG! both bags are gorgeous!:drool:

    if i were in your shoes id pick the dark brown too.

    btw, how much does one cost? hmmmm...
  13. I think brown brings out the shape so much better!
  14. I like the brown!
  15. Both are quite beautiful, actually. The darker brown is not going to show the dirt like the beige and yes, we're heading into Fall, etc. but that's not to say one couldn't use beige. (I draw the line at the white bags unless one lives in warmer climate.) I'm not going to be much help because both look pretty darn fine on your arm!!! Consider the use of the bag and your wardrobe. Does one color lend itself better than the other?